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Don’t wish me dead, you still need me, Obasanjo tells the youth

Don’t wish me dead, you still need me, Obasanjo tells the youth
May 28
19:50 2017

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has advised the youth not to wish death on him and the nation’s elder statesmen.

The former president said this on Sunday, at the youth governance dialogue held by the Youth Development Centre of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta, Ogun state.

Describing the current agitations across the country as an expression of frustration, Obasanjo advised the youth not to lose hope or get frustrated.

“Don’t wish us dead; don’t wish us to disappear because you will need us. You need us to mentor and prepare you for the future. You need our experience and assistance of some of us to guide you through life,” he said.


“You should not lose hope, you should not feel frustrated. Whenever I go abroad, they always ask me what my fear about Nigeria and Africa is, and I tell them my greatest fear is youth anger, frustrations and youth explosion which have no bound.

“We have the Boko Haram in the north, the MASSOB and IPOB in the south-east, the militants in the Niger Delta and the Oodua Peoples Congress in the south-west. All of these are the expression of anger and frustrations‎.”



  1. Guruspage
    Guruspage May 29, 07:45

    This is terrible!! How could someone just sit and think that his/her Past leader should die?? I still don’t get the concept.. Every leaders put into power of throne is by God’s grace and mercy.. Let support of leaders not by wishing them bad things.. For a better Nigeria, pray for your country, aim High for your country.. Thanks.

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  2. Samuel osinamofan Balogun
    Samuel osinamofan Balogun May 29, 09:24

    Your comment.. let us not wish our leaders dead. let us pray for them. earnestly speaking it is not easy to governance a country like Nigeria. It will surprise that if some of these youth that wish our leaders dead are opportune to be a president, governor or chairman of a local government they will do worse. we have seen a practical example where youth is a governor and chairman. so the youth should wish our leaders alive so that it can be well with the youth also. Because the Bible said whatever a man sow the same he will reap. happy democracy day to all Nigerians. It is well with Nigeria and God bless Nigeria in Jesus name Amen

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