Doyin Salami: Biggest pot of resources is in private sector — government can’t do everything

BY Victor Ejechi


Doyin Salami, chairman of the economic advisory council (EAC), has called for a better understanding and appreciation of the role the private sector can play in building a strong economy.

Salami spoke on Monday at the first plenary session of the 27th Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja.

He said the way to secure Nigeria’s future lies in new thinking and clarity of purpose and also taking advantage of the resources in the private sector.

“We need to understand that the biggest pot of resources anywhere in the world reside in the private sector and to that extent, one of the fundamentals that need to happen is that as a nation, we need to begin to understand the dynamics of the private sector, trust the private sector and encourage the private sector so that the resources that they bring to the table becomes available to everyone.”


Salami said the government can’t do everything without partnering with the private sector, hence the need for a strong collaboration.

“We need to have a clear appreciation and understanding of what can the government do, and what can the private sectors do because the government cannot do everything. Nigeria also in my view must understand her role in Africa and keep to that role,” he said.

He also raised a call to action by challenging the authorities to have a clear view of how to provide education to the teeming population and provide a sense of belonging to all Nigerians.


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