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DPRK ability of existence

DPRK ability of existence
December 09
23:08 2020


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is a small country with a small population.

For decades, it has been under economic blockades by hostile forces.

Despite trials so hard that other countries could never withstand, not only it survives, but still is moving forward firmly to achieve its ambitious goal of building a power.


How to explain this miraculous capacity to exist?

Analysts find the answer to this question in the invincible moral strength of Koreans.

Formerly, the old Korean partisans, without being supported by a regular army, carried out a resistance against the Japanese troops strong of a million men to achieve national independence.


After the Liberation, too, it succeeded in building a new society without outside help.

From the three years of the Korean War in the 1950s, the bitterest war ever in the history of the world’s conflicts and post-war reconstruction undertaken from scratch, it has emerged victorious and has honored its dignity as a heroic country.

Thanks to this moral force, even at this moment, it advances overcoming countless difficulties and erecting monumental creations to the astonishment of the world.

Fully convinced of the justice and relevance of its cause, it proclaimed, in December of last year, a frontal breakthrough aimed at facing the challenges of the hostile forces, striking them a bitter blow.


The other factor that explains the DPRK’s ability to exist is its powerful potential as an independent economy.

There are a good number of countries which suffer from dependence and economic fluctuations but such phenomena is not the case in DPRK.

At all times, it has made self-confidence a traditional way of life.

Since the beginning of its nation-building, it has strived to build an independent economy capable of enabling it to succeed on its own, and has taken decades to build this foundation.


For it, endowed with such powerful potential, the blockade of hostile forces, however atrocious, cannot have the desired effect.

It uses its raw materials, resources and scientific and technical personnel to accelerate its economic development.


Sophisticated machinery and equipment manufactured by its own forces and the ranks of its scientists and technicians drive its economic development.

In recent times, monumental creations worthy of praise to the world have been erected even in the harsh blockade.


The modern Samjiyon town in the northern region, the Yangdok resort spa in the central region, the greenhouse vegetable farm and the nursery of Jungphyong in the northeast region are attracting special attention from the international community.

Having increased its self-defense potential, by all means, it has established itself as a world-class military power and is neutralizing the military challenges of hostile forces with its powerful deterrent force.

Most of the factors of its ability to exist are the inseparable entity that its entire population forms around its leader.

This irresistible force is the source of all of his miraculous creations. The damage caused by the flood which struck the northern region twice in recent years and the danger of war which was likely to erupt at any moment were all smoothed out by the force of a great unity of all people.

For decades, hostile forces have sought to strangle the DPRK politically, economically and militarily, but they failed.

Alhassan Mamman Muhammad is a professor at the University of Abuja


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