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Dupe and her clueless, asinine independence declaration

Dupe and her clueless, asinine independence declaration
April 16
11:55 2024


In a display marked by both confusion and a deep lack of political insight, Dupe Onitiri-Abiola took it upon herself last week to lead a splinter group of agitators into declaring an ill-conceived independence for the Yoruba nation.

Broadcasting from her undisclosed location in the United States, Onitiri-Abiola attempted to sever the bonds that have historically united the Yoruba people with the broader Nigerian state. This declaration, dripping with radical fervour and untethered from the realities of international diplomacy and domestic welfare, stands as a stark and embarrassing contrast to the rich political heritage and organisational sagacity of the Yoruba, who are known for their significant contributions to the Nigerian federation and their sophisticated approach to governance. The act not only undermines the notion of sovereignty as understood and respected within the larger framework of nation-states but also appears as a misguided assault on the cultural and political sensibilities of the Yoruba people, amongst whom is the current president of Nigeria—a position that exemplifies the peak of Yoruba involvement in national leadership.

This act of rebellion was not just a misguided venture into political activism; it was a strategic blunder that threatened to alienate Onitiri-Abiola and her miserable followers from the mainstream Yoruba community and the Nigerian state at large. By choosing to broadcast her declaration from the safety of America, Onitiri has demonstrated a troubling detachment from the on-the-ground realities faced by the people in whose name she purports to speak. The clandestine nature of the declaration, shrouded in secrecy and executed from a foreign land, raises questions about the legitimacy and sincerity of her intentions. It also betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the unity and collective aspirations of the Yoruba people, who, despite various internal disagreements, have largely chosen to pursue their objectives within the democratic and constitutional framework of Nigeria. This rash decision is not only capable of jeopardising the political stability of the region but has also risked inciting unnecessary conflict, potentially drawing the Yoruba people into a divisive and destructive confrontation with the Nigerian government.


Furthermore, Onitiri’s unilateral declaration could have far-reaching implications beyond the immediate political turmoil. It acts as a dangerous precedent that could inspire similar secessionist movements, undermining national cohesion and destabilising the delicate ethnic balance that Nigerian leaders have worked hard to maintain. This move, seen as anathema to the principles of unity and collective progress, could isolate the Yoruba community, potentially stripping them of their power to influence national policy and diminish their role in shaping the future of Nigeria.

The recklessness of this declaration, therefore, cannot be overstated—it is not only a betrayal of the Yoruba’s storied legacy of diplomacy and political acumen but also a clear and present danger to the stability and unity of the entire Nigerian state. It is imperative for both the Yoruba leadership and the national government to swiftly and decisively address this challenge, reaffirming their commitment to a united Nigeria and discrediting Onitiri’s divisive antics as the political folly they truly represent.

The manifesto, articulated by Onitiri and her cohort, reeks of an asinine understanding of nation-building and the nuanced dynamics of Nigerian federalism. It is a puerile attempt at secession, steeped in anachronistic rhetoric that belongs more to a bygone era of blunt instruments than to our current age of sophisticated governance. This attempt is not only ill-advised but blatantly treasonable, constituting a direct assault on the unity and integrity of the Nigerian state.


It is the height of folly that Onitiri-Abiola, a renegade outlier, would presume to speak for the Yoruba people, whose historical gravitas and intellectual acumen are well-documented and respected across Nigeria and beyond. Her declaration is an affront to the Yoruba’s profound contributions to the fabric of national cohesion and their long-standing investment in the democratic project of Nigeria. This rogue declaration of independence is thus not only unmitigated in its lack of wisdom but also treasonable in its intent. I am sure her purported husband, Chief MKO Abiola, would be roiling in his revered grave, regretting the association of his decent name to this obnoxious adventure.

This debacle is further exacerbated by the suspicion that Onitiri-Abiola and her ragtag group of agitators are mere puppets in a larger, more sinister agenda to fragment the unity of the Yoruba race and, by extension, the whole Nigerian federation. The timing of such a declaration, when a son of the Yoruba soil leads the nation, suggests a disturbing endeavour to sow discord and weaken the formidable influence the Yoruba wield in Nigeria’s political sphere.

Indeed, the action by Onitiri’s faction is tantamount to a betrayal of the Yoruba people, an ethnic group known for its sophisticated politicking and strategic acumen. To declare independence in such a frivolous and thoughtless manner is not only a disservice to the Yoruba nation but also an unforgivable insult to the collective intelligence of its people.

In conclusion, the declaration of independence by Dupe Onitiri Abiola and her misguided followers is a quixotic fantasy, a juvenile escapade that flies in the face of political reality and rational thought. It undermines the legitimate aspirations of the Yoruba people and derails the significant progress made in fostering ethnic solidarity and national unity in Nigeria. As such, it should be regarded with the contempt it deserves and dismissed as the clueless, asinine act that it truly is. The Yoruba, and indeed all Nigerians, must stand together against such reckless endangerments to their collective destiny and continue to strive for a harmonious and united Nigeria.


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