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e-Nigerians: Stop showing love for the looters

e-Nigerians: Stop showing love for the looters
September 10
08:47 2018

There is no question that Nigeria faces a lot of challenges. Growing population and poverty are two of the biggest challenges. 

Nigerians have also proved themselves resilient. Occurrences that could potentially have broken up the country have been successfully navigated. One recent example is the Nnamdi Kanu/Biafra/IPOB agitation. We are lucky that many of the South Eastern governors finally saw sense just before the issue led to massive loss of lives and the end of Nigeria as we know it.

Nigerians should also realize how fortunate we are that Rotimi Amaechi and Bola Tinubu joined hands with Nigerians and Buhari to take down the kleptomaniac government of Goodluck Jonathan. Nigeria would have ended if Jonathan had won re – election.  The current events in Venezuela would have been child play.

Before you get your knickers in a twist, I know that large scale looting of the country’s resources did not start with Jonathan. Corruption has been with us since October 1, 1960 and even before but successive governments have become brazen with notable exceptions and this has sadly been led by the head of governments. Again with a few exceptions.

If you want to know the Presidents that did not participate, just look at their family after their tenure in office. Balewa’s family, Azikiwe’s family, Aguiyi Ironsi’s family, Gowon’s family, Shagari’s family and Buhari’s family do not live in any type of opulence. Compare and contrast with other Presidents and Heads of State.

While we could potentially give the military governments a pass as they do not observe any form of democratic norms, we have every right to ask self professing democrats questions.

On behalf of Nigerians, I want to alongside President Buhari co – ask former President Obasanjo – WHERE IS THE POWER? This question is very relevant because USD16 billion disappeared without corresponding improvement in power. This was the start of state sponsored kleptomania since the return to democracy.  This was the copybook Jonathan used successfully.

And you know what? Some Nigerians are still in love with Obasanjo till tomorrow. His often ill – thought out comments are well regarded by many Online (e) Nigerians. A confirmed case of loving an oppressive looter.

You have seen the breakdown of Nigeria’s Oil Revenues from 1990 to 2017. Obasanjo’s government earned more than the three military rulers before him and Mr. Jonathan earned almost as much as Obasanjo. All three PDP governments since 1999 earned almost USD800 billion.

Take a look at Nigerian today, take a deep breath and say hand on heart that you can evidence USD800 billion of expenditure and infrastructure. Yet some Online Nigerians want you to give PDP a chance. This is nothing but the proverbial Stockholm syndrome.

While there was some native wisdom with the way Obasanjo perfected his heist of Nigeria’s resources, Mr. Jonathan was brazen and cack handed. It was a throwback to the years when the Dark Goggled man, Ismaila Gwarzo, Anthony Ani and Paul Ogwuma conspired to loot Nigeria dry.  The fact that Nigeria is still receiving Abacha loot till tomorrow tells you what happened under Goodluck Jonathan.

Despite what we all know about Mr. Jonathan, plenty Online Nigerians are still angling after him. They still want him back. What exactly do they want back? The generous distribution of billions of dollars? The acquisition of private jets by many without a legitimate source of income? A civil servant first lady with USD15 million in gifts? A perpetually inebriated president?

It is now election season and I cannot believe some Online Nigerians are clamouring for PDP and the same guys who have perpetrated this 16-year heist on Nigeria and Nigerians.

Has the PDP apologized for pilfering US800 billion? Is there anything in the way they are conducting their affairs at the moment to show they are contrite? I don’t think so. But you find many who are willing to stick up for them.

On what basis are these Online Nigerians sticking up for them? What will PDP do differently when they return to control Nigeria’s purse strings?

Compare and contrast the 16 years of PDP with the three years of Buhari. USD800 billion for PDP versus USD100 billion.

See for yourself what the PMB government has achieved. The railways, the roads, the power plants, the fertilizer initiatives, significant improvement in agriculture and agriculture finance, inland ports, greedy politicians are now hungry, international respect for Nigeria, licensing and operations of modular refineries, pensions paid on time, NPower, school feeding program, conditional cash transfer to elderly & vulnerable people in the society, significant improvements in the security of the North East, Trader Moni.

The only thing you can criticise Buhari for is that he has not completed the PDP Secretariat. As Minister Fashola said, this government is doing more with less. These are funds PDP used to ‘die’ in the past. Now they are being used to benefit everybody. Just imagine what this government will do in four more years.

Nigerians should stop showing any kind of support to the oppressing thieves.

Baba Grumpy works in financial services in the United Kingdom. He blogs mostly about football at His Twitter handle is @BabaGrumpy


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