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EDITORIAL: FG must immortalise Dr Adadevoh

EDITORIAL: FG must immortalise Dr Adadevoh
August 20
09:15 2014

By every definition and in every imagination, Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, who succumbed to Ebola on Tuesday, was a national hero. As it were, she died so that thousands of Nigerians might live.

The consultant physician at the First Consultant Hospital, Lagos, attended to Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American who came to Nigeria having evidently known, as it turned out, that he had a suspected case of Ebola which was ravaging Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

In trying to save a life, Adadevoh got infected, obviously discovering too late that Sawyer was carrying the deadly virus.

Indisputably, Adadevoh ─ whom her patients have been describing in affectionate terms ─ saved many Nigerians from a certain catastrophe.


It was reported that Sawyer insisted on being discharged from the hospital ostensibly to attend an ECOWAS meeting in Calabar, Cross River State ─ although every evidence now suggests that his real motive was to seek help elsewhere. The ECOWAS meeting was just a decoy, it would appear.

Had Adadevoh discharged Sawyer according to his wish, he would certainly have infected more Nigerians at the Calabar meeting, if he had managed to make it to the venue. He could have infected more people at the airport, on his local flight, in the hotel and at the meeting. The ensuing calamity is unimaginable.

Worse still, if it is true that he wanted to visit a religious house somewhere in Lagos to seek spiritual healing, Sawyer would have transmitted the deadly virus to more Nigerians with the multiplier effect. The pastor and members of his congregation could have been infected.


It would have been practically impossible to identify how many primary and secondary contacts needed to be quarantined. There would have been widespread panic and commotion across the country.

And if it is true that he was planning to travel to the US, via Lagos, to seek medical help ─ direct flights from the States to Liberia having been stopped following the Ebola outbreak ─ then he could have taken the infection to America and caused a more global outbreak.

That the case was limited to only the hospital that treated him is a form of sacrifice that saved the lives of many more Nigerians ─ and Dr. Adadevoh deserves nothing but a posthumous national recognition for keeping Sawyer at the hospital instead.

We call on the federal government to immortalise her in any way possible, including naming a monument after her and endowing a special medical research into infectious diseases in her memory.


The nurses and other medical personnel who died as a result of this unfortunate case must also be honoured, and the families left behind must be helped so that they do not have to suffer further ─ after the loss of their loved ones and, in some cases, bread winners.

We also suggest that there should be some compensation for the hospital which has suffered economic losses as a result of what many Nigerians now regard as an act of “medical terrorism” by Sawyer.

By doing this ─ and we suggest it should be done immediately ─ the federal government would be sending a message to Nigerians that their labour shall never be in vain ─ as a line in the national anthem says.


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  1. Bambam
    Bambam August 20, 09:01

    Hear hear.

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  2. Ebilicious 'E'
    Ebilicious 'E' August 20, 10:59

    Nice one FGN should look into this and act…RIP Doctor. So So Sad.

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  3. Godwin
    Godwin August 20, 12:59

    Great editorial from thecable. The FG must not procrastinate on this issue of immortalising our heroine, Dr. Stella who died in active service and more importantly, saved a lot of lives of her compatriots.

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  4. Tijani
    Tijani August 20, 13:03

    May your soul rest in peace. A passionate professsional, sincere patriot and caring medical doctor. You have not died in vain. You will forever be remebered by so many souls that you have touched positively. I am glad that I knew you very well.

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  5. Remi
    Remi August 20, 13:37

    The cable have indeed expressed my very thoughts.
    More importantly, I hope the Governments of Nigeria will realise that rather than CONTEMPT, Doctors deserve to be appreciated.

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  6. Jay
    Jay August 20, 13:43

    One in a million Nigerians, that was proactive, professional and cared for fellow Nigerians. RIP Doctor. May the Good Lord grant you rest. God bless you. Even if our Country does not give you what you deserve( which we hope they do). You will live forever in our hearts as the heroine that you are.

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  7. Musty
    Musty August 20, 14:07

    A rare find she was!
    So Special and learned, yet simple and committed.
    I pray that God must bless her soul for pursuing a noble role of healing people to the end, unlike many who easily give in for love of money, fame and wealth.
    May God grant her eternal peace and rest.

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  8. facts
    facts August 20, 16:45

    Why don’t we immortalise this selfless woman by not taking our eyes OFF THE BALL…which is trying to stop the spread of this ravaging disease FIRST OF ALL…it will show that we are indeed grateful to these first responders

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  9. chiomzy
    chiomzy August 21, 09:44

    RIP in the lord’s bosom.

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  10. Onabee
    Onabee August 21, 09:51

    Adieu Dr. Stella Adadevoh. We the residents of Obalende and it’s environ are thankful to you and other medical crew of First Consultant Hospital for your bravery and adhering to Professional Ethics while preventing late Patrick Sawyer from infecting our neighborhood of about 500,000 People, if he was allowed a forced discharge, though you are gone, the legacy you lead and thought us will surely lives in us for life. Our appeal goes to ETI-Osa L.G.A, Lagos State and Federal Government to immortalise these Heroins that fought gallantly to savage what would have been National calamity to our Mother land. You Came, You Saw and You Conquered. May your gentle Soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

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  11. Richard
    Richard August 24, 15:30

    I am very sad to hear about the news of Dr. Stella Adadevoh’s death. I was privileged to meet her during a visit to First Consultants Hospital early last year. She was the doctor who attended to me. She turned out to be very friendly and we talked the whole time. Nigeria has really lost a medical genius and a truely firm professional. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones at this time.

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