EiE celebrates 14th anniversary, asks citizens to be hopeful of better Nigeria

Enough is Enough Nigeria (EiE), a civil society organisation (CSO), has celebrated its 14th anniversary with a message of hope to Nigerians.

The organisation, founded in January 2011, is focused on initiating a culture of good governance and public accountability through active citizenship in Nigeria.

The organisation hosts “Thursday talks”, a monthly online conversation that engages citizens and stakeholders on issues affecting Nigerians and the country on X.

In a statement on Monday, Yemi Adamolekun, executive director of EiE Nigeria, said the organisation has made some progress noting that “there’s still a lot more to be done, and it’s certainly not just about elections”.


Adamolekun expressed concerns over the recent kidnapping incidents of schoolchildren in some parts of the country.

She said despite the recent issues and inappropriate attitude of the members of the national assembly and some state commissioners who had a retreat in London, the country is still worth fighting for.

She urged citizens not to relent in exercising their power as citizens in a democracy, adding that active participation beyond election is critical to achieving a better nation.


The executive director of EiE said the organisation is committed to promoting the “office of the citizen”, and empowering Nigerians to recognise their strength in holding leaders accountable.

“We must own this nation-building project collectively by speaking truth to power, and never relenting in holding our elected leaders accountable,” she said.

“Active citizenship is the cornerstone of real democratic governance. Nigeria is certainly worth fighting for.”

Adamolekun urged Nigerians to remain steadfast and hopeful in their pursuit of a better nation.


“Enough is Enough Nigeria’s 14th-anniversary celebration serves as a rallying call for citizens to embrace their shared humanity, own the Nigeria project, exercise their power, and engage in shaping the nation’s future,” she added.

“The organisation remains committed to fostering active citizenship and holding leaders accountable for a better Nigeria.”

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