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Ekiti: 5 reasons why Fayemi lost to Fayose

Ekiti: 5 reasons why Fayemi lost to Fayose
June 24
17:00 2014
Like a bad dream, supporters of All Progressives Congress (APC) are still trying to understand the tsunami that hit them in the Ekiti governorship election. Governor Kayode Fayemi had been widely acknowledged as having performed very well. His re-election was, therefore, supposed to be taken for granted. But in the June 21 poll, he lost woefully to Ayo Fayose, former governor of the state. Why did this happen? We list five possible reasons.

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3. The anger of teachers/civil servants

Anyone who knows the politics of Ekiti will know that no politician can be in the bad books of teachers and civil servants and expect to win any election in the state. Fayemi got into trouble with them very early in his administration. First was the issue of promotion and payment of the new teachers’ salary scale, TSS. Fayemi was said to have told teachers that he would not be able to pay the money owing to paucity of funds in government coffers. That was in 2011. But a month to the election, he announced that he would implement it. In the same vein, the service reclassification exercise, though good on paper, was a political suicide. The exercise saw to demotion of some principals to vice-principals and vice-principals to classroom teachers. In fact, some of those affected could not accept the “humiliation” and as a result put in retirement notice. Primary school teachers refused to take the reclassification examination but they were also aware that should the governor come back, they would be in trouble as they would either be forced to take the test or face the sack. They mobilised massively against the governor on the eve of the election.

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  1. dongo
    dongo June 22, 09:15

    Hmnnn…in my view, the best candidate lost to the most popular because of ‘stomach infastructure’. Nigeria has a long way to go, a big lesson to intellectuals in politics!

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    • fos
      fos June 22, 10:44

      Dongo, you are very wrong, we are never hungry in Ekiti State. We are very hard working and result oriented. Fayemi fell because of the elitist’s structure of his government and his inability to associate with the downtrodden at the grassroot. Please go and check the results of the election from units to ward level you will observe that people at the grassroot mobilised against him and his government.

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      • Toleleuk
        Toleleuk June 25, 12:00

        FOS… you cannot be more wrong. What hard work is Ekiti known for? What are the progress report achieved since existence? The People are very lazy and do a bad job. The state is closed up and the one with sense trying to divest its economy from the government prone economy is let go out of BITTERNESS. Progress is far from you guys. You are also a Deceitful people and not straightforward. Ekiti will suffer for it… “He that repays good with evil, EVIL WILL NOT DEPART FROM HIS/HER HOUSE”. Mark it down.

        Read more at: | TheCable

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        • Tete
          Tete July 10, 01:12

          Olopa e wo ni te pe??? U b Fayemi family? Even Fayemi that lost the election is enjoying himself in Atlanta, US. Nigerians are the main problem of that country

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    • sunny.
      sunny. June 22, 18:22

      true talk mr man i support u, u really get it dat is d problem.

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    • Andetsiki
      Andetsiki June 23, 14:58

      How else can it be proven that great things are possible here in Nigeria. You are living in denial of the results? you are OYO oh! This is not intellectual politic but real politik!
      I think it is high time we muster the courage to tell them off that this is “Enough of rubbish”. The people have spoken. Its either you allow the reality sink in or continue in your acclaimed intellectual high ground and remain there.

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  2. Tee.
    Tee. June 22, 09:29

    6. The sheer arrogance of Jagaban.
    Jagaban once offered an alternative to the thievery of the PDP. But we have now seen that he and the APC (Panadol) are only adding to our headache.
    The Ekiti man refused to be a slave to Jagaban and voted out him and his cronies. Same will happen in Osun and Oyo. Tani baba re, ti o fe ko wa leru. Who is his father that he wants to enslave us.

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    • T
      T June 22, 16:50

      You are absolutely correct Tee. Tinubu imperialist tendencies is a BIG minus for APC

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    • Baba
      Baba June 23, 10:54

      @Tee Your Comment prompted me to comment on this platform. In his quest to islamize the highly informed south west, Jagaban has over steped his boundary and its high time we chase the Babylon outa we territory… God Bless

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      • Tajudeen
        Tajudeen June 24, 01:22

        Islamise the South West? You too caught the bug? Sad!… Check the profile of your supposed ‘Defender of the Islamic faith’. When did Tinubu become the poster boy for Islam in Nigeria? Please, leave religion out of this… Sad!

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      • adegboyega
        adegboyega June 27, 00:19

        when I read comments like this. I can’t help but cry for my dear nation. how on earth can u say jagaban wants to islamise Nigeria. how? because of rumors u heard. just give me one simple reason.

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    • jab
      jab June 26, 01:13

      You are perfectly correct. That was exactly what happened in Ondo State. The Jabaganism failed Akeredolu in Ondo State; and equally responsible for the foundational failure of Fayemi in Ekiti; Ogbeni Aregbesola is Lucky; he has unreputably match as his opponent. He may ride on that to VICTORY.

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  3. SMARY
    SMARY June 22, 09:30

    nobody is too big or too small to be uplifted it GOD and the people at work congratulation

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  4. Mr Nigeria
    Mr Nigeria June 22, 09:54

    The sixth factor was the way Kayode treated Fayose after his support to him in the Ekiti Guber rerun. Fayose broke ranks with PDP candidate, Segun Oni and gave a massive support to Kayode with the understanding that ACN would tip him for a senatorial seat in the 2011 general election. They reneged! Kayode went on air to insist that there was no such agreement. An embittered Fayose reluctantly went back to PDP.
    The question is that if they had honored that agreement, would Fayose have ran against Kayode in this election? The big lesson here is that We should learn to honor political agreements or refuse to enter into them if we knew we would not abide by them.

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    • cappy
      cappy June 22, 13:21


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    • Festus
      Festus June 22, 16:28

      he would have ran my brother…Didnt MOB run against Fayemi?? The only sitting governor to have been denied a second term ticket by his party in Nigeria is Chimwoke Mbadinuju of Anambra state…MOB was too ambitious..Fayose was always ambitious too…either way, If he had softpedalled on teacher/LG workers issue, then play a little money-politics to the gallery early on.He would have won…Such is Life.He did his part and He can only go higher..If you dont loose sight of the shore, you wont discover new oceans.Congrats to FAyose and weldone to the gallant and ebulleint FAyemi!!!!!!

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    • MasterPiece
      MasterPiece June 24, 20:11

      I think Fayose Dishonoured first, do u imagine the ACN contribution into bringing Fayose back into limelite when the PDP Used the EFCC against him, the ACN encouraged and gave him the full support required. He was supposed to decamp the ACN and run for the Senatorial Position but instead he pitched a tent against the ACN despite all the support he enjoyed form them how on earth do you expect the ACN to support another party as against their own Candidates APC Never Betrayed Fayose, he only refused to join the progressives

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    • Tete
      Tete July 10, 01:17

      God bless u…

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  5. Adex
    Adex June 22, 10:34

    I am very happy that the best man won the election, and credit 2 ayodele fayose

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  6. Tunde
    Tunde June 22, 10:37

    Apt perhaps with some conjectures. Although, the real question is who is the winner in all this. The voters for me are the winners because they have voted massively for who they want to lead them. I hope if they decide to change their mind after 4 years, they will realise how easy it will be compared to voting in PDP. Ekiti kete, enjoy your democratic right. That is beauty of democracy.

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  7. Laz
    Laz June 22, 10:37

    Fayemi ought to have learnt from the book of Fashola. You don’t have to carry on like the typical Nigerian politician. However, you need to carry the people along. They need to see that you mean well for everyone. Fashola doesn’t necessarily have a political base in that sense. What he has is the empathy of the people because he’s been able to communicate sincerity to the people. It doesn’t make him less an intellectual. It doesn’t also mean that he’s running a perfect government. Nobody is. The difference is that he comes across as being more people-driven and accessible even if he doesn’t mingle with the people like a Fayose will. Indeed, there are lessons here for 2015.

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  8. Bayoz
    Bayoz June 22, 11:12

    What happened in Ekiti is true democracy at work. No matter how good you are as a governor, if you don’t have the support of the people then you cannot win an election. As sad as it may seem, the people of Ekiti have decided what is good for them. I pray to God that they won’t regret it.

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  9. City
    City June 22, 11:56

    All these are true…he lost touch with the common man so long ago. He performed creditably well in terms of infrastructure but he was failed woefully in terms of social welfare to the people, and that is the main factor in politics.

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  10. Chris Udeji
    Chris Udeji June 22, 11:59

    Good morning,

    I want really appreciate the good job your team s doing. We in adibba will like to partner with you , collaborate with you in different things. Launchs, advert etc.
    Please let’s know how to go about this

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  11. Baba Walour
    Baba Walour June 22, 12:05

    Ekiti down, Osun Next! Lagos and Rivers please wait for your turn patiently!!!!!

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  12. naija for show
    naija for show June 22, 12:17

    Because he(Fayemi) tries for once in the history of Ekiti to put things right they did not vote for him,they should wake up from there slumber that “rice” has finish oh,they have finish eating away they their future…….Ekiti welcome to Suffering countinues Remember OBJ calls him(Fayose) some funny names….people change

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  13. Adegbola
    Adegbola June 22, 14:10

    This a pure act of democracy. People vote for who they deem fit. It is no longer an issue of one political party to dominate a particular zone of the country. Let your work speak for you. People will vote for you. As for Fayose, I hope this is an avenue to redeem your image.

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  14. Jodav
    Jodav June 22, 16:43

    Fayose governor in Ekiti? Nigeria is doomed!!!!!

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  15. MARCUS
    MARCUS June 22, 17:14


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    AGBALAGBI June 22, 17:44

    its painfull that JKF lost in the despite all the good work he was doing for his people but the mistake he made is that JKF ti gbagbe pe bi ase bi eru lase bi omo ni,building road,drainage,street light power with gen set how many poor masses benefit from all this project,when a level 8 worker is taking 30 thousand in a month and his wife busy donating money,himself given contract to foreign company when are dying of hunger,elite my foot….JKF is not a politician if not he would have listen to the masses that voted him than running the state like his personal company,lesson to all politician more surprise still coming especially in south west,,,,

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    • Daniel Ikwuagwu
      Daniel Ikwuagwu June 23, 09:45

      losing touch with d ordinary people was a big mistake but awarding contract to a foreign company may not. A foreign company may ensure more quality and ENDURING job. A local company may accept the job, spend 40% to execute d job, give 30% as bribe, and 30% for himself. Who loses at the end? The State. The future will tell if Ekiti were right on Saturday or TOTALLY WRONG. Am however proud by the conducts of the main contestants (Fayemi and Fayose). May God be with Ekiti State. The people must now really pray.

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    • RICH
      RICH June 23, 11:16

      Fayemi disposition in defeat over the week end portray him more galant in defeat than in victory to some of us that were not his fans. His depature from the Nigerian politicians ‘win by all means’ type of politics portray him as a man of intergrity and has won him the heart of Nigerians. Even though he lost reelection, he has won the goodwill and trust of nigerians as a politician we can trust. By this He has has engraven his name on gold for posterity.

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  17. Ojus
    Ojus June 22, 22:54

    MOB would have contested but 2018 if he was not denied the senatorial ticket.pls what has ojudu done to canvass a vote for fayemi outside his househood.Now MOB successfully cracked the foundation of Apc to achieve his aim.Dont be surprise seeing him with fayose tomorow.they are in thesame camp with Goodluck,mimiko.LP is an extention of PDP. Fayemi can see the outcome of 177 ward chairmen he removed.

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  18. Tman
    Tman June 23, 04:31

    This is a cool analysis. Thumb Up.

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  19. Chee
    Chee June 23, 07:41

    Well, APC should review their ideology of trying to Islamize Naija as being showcased in their planned leadership line-up so that they can get support in the South. They should remember the perception of the regime of Mossi of MB in Egypt by majority of Nigerians and have a rethink. Anambra election finished Ngige who was in touch with the people and achieved during his term, now, it is Fayemi. so they will continue to lose in the South if they continue in the way they are going.

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  20. sam audu
    sam audu June 23, 08:02

    The charges against Fayose have they been dropped like that of Mohammed Abbacha I pray US predict of 2015 will come to pass.

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  21. Daniel Ikwuagwu
    Daniel Ikwuagwu June 23, 09:31

    Good morning folks.
    Just listened to the outgoing Ekiti State Gov. Kayode Fayemi and incoming Gov. Ayo Fayose. The bar has been raised in Nigeria political lanscape. I doff my hat to these two gentlemen. To Fayemi, for a great heart; he served his people well, even raised the bar but could have done exceptionally to make opposition difficult.
    To Fayose; hearing him speak now almost made me cry. I may have had my doubts about him but I am more endeared to him now. Humbled in victory. Wiser and more more responsible. I have a feeling he is going to be among the best governors Nigeria ever had (like the second coming of the Biblical Nebuchadnezzar). He should please not be demonized by the mediocre under-performance MOST PDP leaders are known for. Be the difference there sir. Be an example that others will see and follow.

    Congratulations Gov Kayode Fayemi. Posterity will remember you and your team. Indeed, Nigeria political history will remember this unprecedented stance which had long gone scarce and alien in Nigerian.

    Congratulations too to APC. You did not loose a state but gained 35 more. You gained INTEGRITY; you gained RELEVANCE. Four more years may not have gained for Nigeria politics what you bestowed on her on Sunday. Thank you.

    Congratulations Gov Ayo Fayose. Great feats await you sir. Remember the God who preserved you for this BONUS season.

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  22. don cornell
    don cornell June 23, 10:03

    Fayemi you are best Governor in Ekiti so far…. Fayose congratulation i like your comments that you are ready to join hand with fayemi, MOD and others … thanks so much

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  23. RICH
    RICH June 23, 11:06

    Fayemi disposition in defeat over the week end portray him more galant in defeat than in victory to some of us that were not his fans. His depature from the Nigerian politicians ‘win by all means’ type of politics portray him as a man of intergrity and has won him the heart of Nigerians. Even though he lost reelection, he has won the goodwill and trust of nigerians as a politician we can trust. By this He has has engraven his name on gold for posterity.

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  24. Abah Fred
    Abah Fred June 23, 12:04

    Fayemi and Fayose has really demonstrated a very genuine political maturity in their comments to each other, these show that both of them has the interest of the state at heart.Congratulations to both of them.

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  25. Aby
    Aby June 23, 14:43

    A very big thanks to INEC for their performance in the saturday election. Congratulations to both Fayemi & fayose we have lessons to learn from the two of them. Fayose, may God help you to perform excellently in the task assigned to you by Ekiti people.Please dont disappoint us.This tenure will really tell what you(fayose) will be remembered for.

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  26. kabiyesi
    kabiyesi June 23, 15:45

    Power to the people! Once they have spoken, there is nothing anyone can do against it. At the appointed time, the same people would review the mandate. The beauty of democracy would begin to show. Power to the people!

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  27. nmahaja
    nmahaja June 23, 19:44

    congrt mr governor of ekiti

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  28. moesha
    moesha June 23, 23:34

    I pray he is God send irrespective of d party

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  29. Rethink2015
    Rethink2015 June 24, 00:53

    Infrastructure and ordinary people welfare ,is it not possible for the two to be touched? besides i thing infrastructure like road construction is benefitted by the ordinary people too.There are lot of lessons APC should learn from ekiti election especially in LAGOS,the teachers/civil servants mobilised against FAYEMI ,though okada is not good on our major highways ,used by armed robbers,many lagos okada riders would not vote for APC in 2015,many shop owners ,traders,landlords,ordinary people will not support APC in lagos.eyes don open and people just hate imperial tendency of TINUBU,It wont be an easy task at all.APC WATCH IT.

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  30. Mums
    Mums June 24, 06:37

    I really want to thank the attitude of Gov. Fayemi, he is a great man bcos is not easy to accept loser, while others in APC should learn from him because they will all fell and defeated – Gov Rochas Okorochas should be ready to accept defeat by 2015. Gov Rochas Okorochas has no good adviser or maybe he do not listen to adviser. No matter his BUBUYAYA – he must loose.

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  31. kelvinsuyis
    kelvinsuyis June 24, 06:39

    Congratulations to the newly elected governor.

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  32. HENRY
    HENRY June 24, 10:06

    As much as l agree with U, l want to make an adjustment to your title that APC lost the election and not Fayemi as a person. lt is true that Fayemi didnot understand d grassroot politics in Ekiti, bt ata thesame time his party memebers that ought to have guided him failed to do this. Also, all parties at all levels should learn from this. They should always allow internal democracy and a level fair play for all memebers at any point in time. MOB exit of APC was a big set-back 4 d success of APC in the election of Saturday. The unpaid Bursary for Ekiti indegenes in various tertiary institution is anoda minus. Also, d arbitirary increament of EKISU schl fees to N150,000 is believed to b undemocratic. Yes, there are renovation of schools, massive rehabilitation of roads and other infrastructures. But how many empowerment programmes did this government embarked on? How many direct impact did this government had on a local citizen in ekiti state. The national officers of APC, who are all muslims and the imposition of OPON IFA & other things by Rauf of Osun State { a neighbourng state} made an average citizen to have voted out such undemocratic party. Finally, an average Ekiti citizen believed as it do happened that most of the policies bn implimented in Ekiti is bn decided in IKOYI-LAGOS. What a slight!

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  33. Ibitoye kamal
    Ibitoye kamal June 24, 11:53

    Dr.fayemi u are man of honour i salute ur courage ,u will b remembered in d history of ekiti.

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  34. Richard
    Richard June 24, 12:31

    Fayemi made the biggest mistake by sharing cooked rice instead of uncooked rice, Fayose won the election due to the uncooked rice he share in bags. Ekiti people will always be thankful of that bag of rice for the next 4 years of Fayose in government.

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  35. Timi
    Timi June 24, 16:07

    Fayemi has done his bit and ekiti has given him his result. It is not that he failed, indeed he passed brilliantly. Ekiti will be happy tomorrow if fayemi is asking their support to go and represent Nigeria at UNO, ecowas or any other International organisation, He has shown how good he is as an administrator and how bad or weak he’s as a politician. If you are the Governor for four years and can not identify the largest group of real voters in Ekiti, you don’t get them to your side with all the resources in your hand. you failed to conduct local government elections for good four years, you brought the idea of giving tests to get rid of people from their jobs, instead of organising professiopnal trainings to enhance their performance,you embark on making noise with fake social security which majority of over 65’s years old never got, except may be your party loyalists. What does he excepect from the voters when it is time for judgement? He electorally brutalised for him to learn some lessons if he still wants to remain in politics, he must learn how to speak the street language, learn how to identify with the downtrodden men and women. He was too elitist and very utopian in his dealings with the people that matters. His Commissioners who are supposed to work for him are either from Lagos or Ibadan, though they were from Ekiti, but how many of them are truely popular in their supposedly home villages and towns, does anyone know them? Fayemi himself should be grateful that he ever got the ticket to contest as a governorship candidate in the first place, before he contested who knew him in Ekiti? He got the ticket over other well known popular candidates like Dayo adeyeye, because the powers that be then in AD or ACN preferred him.

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  36. Ifakiboy
    Ifakiboy June 24, 19:36

    He came with vengence destroying other peoples work. Where are the Fyami’s contractors/ consultants. Where are the education Summiters. They came looking hungry, angry, vengeful and forgot that another day was coming.

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  37. OrikinranPower
    OrikinranPower June 24, 19:44

    How are the mighty fallen. Fayemi brought his contractor-consultant friends. They conducted a summit to fight against Ifaki. Today Ifaki is alive but the summiters are gone. Good bye beloved brother

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  38. Agbabiaka babatunde benjamin
    Agbabiaka babatunde benjamin June 24, 20:05

    Do not judge ,wait 4 God judgement

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  39. Laurex
    Laurex June 24, 20:23

    I wish to congratulate the governor-elect,Mr Ayodele Fayose,I salute your courage sir,and also I appreciate the courageous out-going governor Dr.Kayode Fayemi,for the way he handled the result of the just concluded gubernatorial election in ekiti state,I respect your gallant attitude sir,may the God almighty be with both fayemi and Fayose. Dr.fayemi this is an opportunity for you to learn from your mistakes most especially the style of your governance in which you don’t reckon with downtrodden masses in ekiti state.You should know that the downtrodden masses own the majority of vote.may the God almighty be with you in your future endeavours.

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  40. Toleleuk
    Toleleuk June 25, 11:53

    FOS… you cannot be more wrong. What hard work is Ekiti known for? What are the progress report achieved since existence? The People are very lazy and do a bad job. The state is closed up and the one with sense trying to divest its economy from the government prone economy is let go out of BITTERNESS. Progress is far from you guys. You are also a Deceitful people and not straightforward. Ekiti will suffer for it… “He that repays good with evil, EVIL WILL NOT DEPART FROM HIS/HER HOUSE”. Mark it down.

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  41. Glory of God
    Glory of God June 26, 11:22

    Ekiti election is a different type have ever see in my life definitely God is at work

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  42. Emureboy
    Emureboy June 26, 11:57

    This is d worst defeat i’ve ever seen. He too shared rice, he even shared 100 Okadas hypocritically. he even shared money more far better dan Fayose. Imagine d weight of N5,000 everywhere yet pple collected all these things nd voted 4 d rightman who even shared less amount. Bros ur mentor is simply a failure. D Loss in all d 16 LG is not a joke even in his papa-mama backyard??? habaaa call a spade a spade afterall he’s just a reherblitator who doest even ‘ve his own initaitives just a copy-copy governor. I can’t even find anybody wearing APC Vest now in d street they ‘ve all duped him nd deserted him. D spirit of d teachers, okadas nd d mekunus ‘ve chased him out straight to Ghana. ha-ha-ha!!!

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  43. hanny
    hanny September 26, 14:16

    It’s well in jesus name

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