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Ekiti gubernatorial election: The tricksters met their match

Ekiti gubernatorial election: The tricksters met their match
July 16
16:13 2018

All that transpired in Ekiti State in the last one week reminds me of “Jacob” and “Laban” in the Bible. Jacob was known to be a trickster and swindler, who did outwit and outfox his blood-brother, Esau. But before the story did end, he also met his match in Laban of this world! The story reveals that every trickster will always meets his or her match.

After the results of the gubernatorial election that did hold on the 14th of July, 2018 began to hit the airways, the PDP started going everywhere that the election was rigged by the duo of INEC and some security men. While listening to the man who spokes for the PDP and His Excellency, Governor Ayodele Fayose, “the rock” that was grounded into powder, I was laughing uncontrollably. The truth is; the PDP met their match in the APC. Those who used to rig people out of power are now being rigged out of power. Once again, before we all leave the planet-earth for the land of the silent ones, every ‘Jacob’ will always meets his or her own ‘Laban.’ The APC’s turn may be 2019!

I guess the rigging manual that the PDP was using has been stolen by the APC and to bounce back in the days to come, the PDP would need to come up with fresh ways of rigging elections in Nigeria. Drolly, I guess their secret was leaked by some major PDP members who defected to the APC. This is one of the best days to be alive in Nigeria. I am actually enjoying everything that is unfolding in our shallow and petty politics.

Between 14th and the wee hours of today, I was able to gather from those on ground that the Policemen conducted themselves professionally. There was no iota and speck of harassment. And major election observers commended the INEC. Also, the INEC was so high-minded and magnanimous in awarding 90% to themselves. In Nigeria today, no organization that is being funded by the Federal and State governments can score 90% when it comes to performance.

After it was announced that Dr. Fayemi won the gubernatorial election that was conducted on the 14th of July, 2018, Alhaji Lai Mohammed went on air to play politics with it. He said and I quote: “Dr. Fayemi’s victory, an endorsement of President Buhari’s performance in government.” Even a day old baby knows that this is a lie. It is people like Alhaji Lai that would make PMB lose come 2019. Folks like him are lying to the man. Every right thinking Nigerian knows that Ekiti’s case is an isolated one. People threw Fayose out because he kept them (especially the civil servants) in an unnecessary poverty. And he went ahead to shoot himself in the leg by acting a script that wasn’t well written.

I was also able to gather that some military men did provide security for some thugs, but on the whole, no life was lost! For the umpteenth time, elections are not supposed to be as war in Nigeria. If truly people (politicians) want to serve our people, they would not be killing themselves. It is when people (politicians) are going to steal when they get to power that they kill and maim their opponents.

What came to light in Ekiti has revealed that we have not made much progress in Nigeria. Our elections are still about money. Polling stations in Ekiti became where buying and selling of votes took place. Both the APC and PDP traded money for votes. This is a sign that Dr. Kayode Fayemi will do nothing when he eventually gets to power. How do I know? He is no “Santa-Claus.” He’d need to recoup every “kobo” spent!

The truth is; anyone who buys your vote is definitely not going to serve you. Each time you collect money from politicians before voting for them, you are actually empowering them to steal your money and destroy the future of your children. This is what has been happening since the advent of democracy in Nigeria. Fellow-citizens, I am of the opinion that democracy is still very alien to our way of life. To truly move forward, we need a tailor-made system of government.

Another point is; did the leadership of “NPF” truly mobilize thirty thousand (30,000) policemen to Ekiti? Did we have up to fifteen (15) policemen protecting each poling unit in the State? If the leadership did not mobilize up to 30,000 policemen, it means that some tax-payers money has already succeeded in getting lost in transit. While folks rant and scream on the Social media, some quiet folks always smile to the bank each time an election is held in Nigeria.

Lastly, on the condition that Governor Ayodele Fayose wants his political sins (no matter how many they are) to be forgiven, so that he too can become as white as snow like other former political-sinners, I counsel him to port (as people port from one network to another) to the APC just as Musiliu Obanikoro ported to the APC from the PDP. At least, Nigerians will not complain a hoot about it. Remember, what is good for an ‘elephant’ is also good for a ‘hyena.’ The only political-sin cleaning party in Africa is the APC!


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