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Why did Emma Lie and why did Ubi tell the truth?

Why did Emma Lie and why did Ubi tell the truth?
April 21
16:49 2015

On Monday April 20, there were some big revelations in the MMMG camp involving the president of the label, Ubi Franklin, and his ex-girlfriend and artiste, Emma Nyra.

In an interview released on YouTube, Emma Nyra swore that she never dated Ubi regardless of the fact that the relationship had been a running open secret in entertainment circles.

Nyra’s interview itself had been triggered by Ubi’s exclusive interview with TheCable, where the triple MG boss opened up on his relationship with the songstress.

Now the reactions across social media and the web have been mixed but harsh on both sides. On one side Emma has suffered intense criticism for her stubborn denials of a relationship many were certain existed.


I think Emma should have skirted around the question of whether or not she dated Ubi. In a previous interview, she laughed it off. She should have maintained that or sternly said she has nothing to say about that. She gave a recent interview and said she never dated him. After that, it should be silence and Ubi can say whatever he likes. What’s she going to come back with now? Okay, now he has spoken, let me speak. But you said you never dated him. What does that make her? A liar. Who is going to believe what she comes back with now? I won’t. I also think, there are things going on behind closed doors that we’re not privy to, for her to have denied him and for him to now come out to say he dated her and spent millions on her. I reiterate, Ubi will get away with this lightly but Emma won’t. Blame the woman and absolve the man. What will she now say? She was forced to sleep with him? He beat her? There may be more skeletons in Ubi’s cupboard that he’s willing to unearth. He has boxed her into a corner that she may not be able to handle.


On the other side are those who believe that Ubi’s revelations were vindictive and he should have towed in line with Emma’s story in good faith so as not ripple the pond.
Ubi was and is an utter douche bag. It stands to reason that they were supposed to keep their relationship quiet; an artist dating a manager isn’t particularly savory. It also stands to reason that once they broke up, the same code of silence should still have held. She denied dating him, and as a gentleman, he should have backed up their mutual agreement. Now, he has her set up as a fool and a liar because he had an axe to grind.



In his interview, he managed to call her a loud and obnoxious, a bad cook and nothing that he ever wanted. It was incredibly insulting to her and extremely condescending at the same time. I understand her anger and frustration at his malicious behaviour. He threw her under the bus, while she said nothing about their relationship together or his new one.

This was pure vindictiveness on his part.

One important fact to consider though is that the interview published on Sunday April 19 by theCable was conducted over three weeks ago.


Emma Nyra fired a suggestive response to the controversy, saying:


It seems like there is more to the story that she is still keeping to herself. The question is: what is she hiding, and why?



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