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‘#EndSARS protest sent a strong message youths shouldn’t be taken for granted’

‘#EndSARS protest sent a strong message youths shouldn’t be taken for granted’
January 14
13:32 2021

A group known as coalition of youth groups under the aegis of Governor Yahaya Bello to President Yahaya Bello (GYB2PYB) says the #EndSARS protests became necessary to make the government stick to their promises of reforms. 


In a statement on Thursday, Oladele Nihi, director-general of the group, said the demonstration against police brutality which took place across most parts of the country was not meant to topple the government, but to make the Nigerian citizenship prideful for everyone.

He said the #EndSARS movement has sent a message to those in power that the youth should no longer be ignored or taken for granted.

“Our struggle for a better Nigeria since our independence as a country has given us the impetus as young men and women to look forward to a better society”, Nihi was quoted to have said in a news conference.


“The #EndSARS protests, which began with a focus on police brutality, extended to other dimensions of corruption, human rights violations, and underdevelopment in Nigeria.

“Not necessarily seeking to topple the government, the #EndSARS protests sought to make Nigerian citizenship mean something tangible and worthwhile for young people.

“We recall vividly, Oct. 20, 2020, which will forever be known as a Black Tuesday in our country. The movement featured dramatic outpouring of young people, who had been written off by politicians as disaffected or lazy. The protests against police brutality that crystallised in 2020, insist that new and just societies, in which young people can imagine meaningful futures are still possible.


“The #EndSARS movement made savvy use of the social media and did not focus on long-term ambitions of gaining political power, but rather made sure that the authorities stick to their promises of reforms and justice. Those in power are clearly worried that our country’s huge young population can no longer be ignored or cajoled.

“Our women and young population are getting better organised as evidenced by the rallied support for the protests which shook the foundations of Nigeria.

“The fact that these women and young people regrouped makes our politicians and the elite jittery, and clearly indicates that our system needs to work for all and not for a privileged few.”




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