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#EndSARS: UK parliament to consider petition seeking sanction on FG

#EndSARS: UK parliament to consider petition seeking sanction on FG
October 21
10:25 2020

The United Kingdom parliament says it will consider a petition asking the country to sanction the federal government for human rights abuses over the #EndSARS movement.

The petition on the UK government and parliament website accused the government and the police of violating the rights of agitators protesting against police brutality.

It asked the UK to implement sanctions that deploy sanctions that would “provide accountability for and be a deterrent to anyone involved in violations of human rights”.

As of Wednesday morning, the petition has garnered more than 133,000 signatures — less than 24 hours after it was created.


The government-owned website stated: “Parliament will consider this for a debate … waiting for less than a day for a debate date.”

It added that parliament considers all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures for a debate.

The protest is part of a nationwide #EndSARS movement which started as an opposition against the now-dissolved special anti-robbery squad (SARS) of the Nigeria police force.


The agitators are demanding better welfare and improved governance in addition to justice for victims of police brutality.

Although it had progressed peacefully in most parts of the country, some states are beginning to record violence after suspected thugs allegedly hijacked the movement.

On Tuesday, police stations were burnt in Lagos and Oyo states, barely 24 hours after some were set ablaze in Edo state.

Lagos, Ondo, Edo, Ekiti and Osun are among states that have declared a 24-hour curfew in the aftermath of the violence, hours before security operatives opened fire on protesters who had converged on the Lekki toll gate in Lagos.

International figures and celebrities including Joe Biden, United States presidential candidate; Hillary Clinton, former US secretary of state have condemned the security clampdown.


The confirmed number of casualties at the Lekki shooting is not known yet but various reports on social media — which was streamed live — estimated about 10 people died in the incident.

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  1. Vicobia
    Vicobia October 22, 13:38

    This protest in Nigeria may seem anchored on just the injustice of the police on the masses but that is an analysis from afar as when you come closer to hear the cry of this agitation youths of Nigeria, you would come to understand that it is much more than just the #ENDSARS but also; the youths are tired of the governance and their continuous lies and deceit.
    A Police man who is leaving his house on a daily base has an earnest desire not to fight crime but to find youths and motorist to extort money from.
    The President PMB calls us lazy youth when he has never created job opportunity for the graduates, mind you; the job they create are disseminated among the elite class, how would average Nigerian youth whom is not privileged to come from this class of social life to survive and earn a well paying job.
    Their children are made to study in the best private school across the world while the average Nigerian suffer for strike action in our local universities which when considered deeply is caused by these same Elite social class. The system favours a particular sets of individuals; they are paid in millions so can afford any and everything they want thus, do not care about the poor masses therefore do not respond to the hike in cost of living. It has become a normal economic inflation for Nigerians now with the hike in price of everything when it approaches the December Month. So as the UK Petitions the Federal Government of Nigerian, they should also tackle the issues of abject poverty of the average Nigeria as we say #ENDSARSNOW #ENDPoliceBrutality #ENDBADGovernance

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