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Entrepreneur gets instant business certificate from Osinbajo

Entrepreneur gets instant business certificate from Osinbajo
May 12
19:20 2017

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday presented a certificate of incorporation to an entrepreneur minutes after she registered her business at the micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) clinic in Katsina.

This is in keeping with the new policy of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for easy business registration.

The CAC reduced the number of days to register a business from seven to one.

The clinic is a platform which gives small businesses easy access to relevant government agencies. It is an initiative of the government aimed at giving MSMEs the fillip to thrive and grow.


In January 2017, Osinbajo kicked off the event in Aba – a city that is celebrated as the home of made in Nigeria goods.

The clinic, which is held across the states, took place in Plateau in March, and then in Katsina on Thursday.

Recently, the government launched a 60-day easy of doing business action plan with a view to reducing friction to establishing and doing business.



  1. Don O
    Don O May 13, 20:21

    Are we sure of a days’ registration information? Isn’t this just a mere formality? 24hrs registration in naija. I don’t believe it joor. They are releasing that one bcos it’s the coordinating president involved.

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  2. Risen
    Risen May 13, 21:28

    this will sure encourage entrepreneurs across the country to do more. Despite the recession we find ourselves in.

    Thumbs up to the Vp!

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