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EXCLUSIVE: Boko Haram ‘funded through CBN’

EXCLUSIVE: Boko Haram ‘funded through CBN’
August 31
11:55 2014
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A large chunk of the finances of Boko Haram may be passing through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), an Australian with close links to the militant group has told TheCable.

Dr Stephen Davis, who was in Nigeria for four months trying to negotiate with Boko Haram to release the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, said Boko Haram commanders told him a senior CBN official, who cannot be named by TheCable for legal reasons, was fully involved in the funding of the insurgency.

Davis, who spoke with TheCable on phone from Australia in his first interview with a Nigerian journalist, said Western countries could not trace the majority of the source of funding to Boko Haram because “it is done through a legal channel, through the gatekeeper, the CBN, and that makes it very easy to cover up”.

He said Boko Haram commanders told him a senior CBN official, who currently works in the bank’s currency operations division, was the one handling the transactions.


“One of the biggest of suppliers of arms and military uniforms to the JAS (Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, better known as Boko Haram) currently lives in Cairo, Egypt. He is the recipient of money sent by political sponsors from Nigeria. The funds go through the CBN’s financial system and appear to be a legal transaction.

“Meanwhile, the CBN official who handles the funding is an uncle to three of those arrested in connection with the Nyanya bombings. The three boys lived with him. They were arrested by the SSS (Department of State Security) after the bombings but they do not seem to have been interrogated about their uncle in CBN. Or if they have given up information about their uncle then the SSS has not moved against him.”

“Also, a senior official of CBN, who recently left the bank, was very close to Sodiq Aminu Ogwuche, the mastermind of the Nyanya bombings who also schooled in Sudan. Boko haram commanders said Ogwuche’s wife used to visit this top official in his office at the headquarters of the bank in Abuja before the Nyanya bombings. They were very close,” Davis said.


The former Canon Emeritus at Coventry Cathedral, UK, said he decided to come out to speak now because the Nigerian authorities were not acting fast and he was heart-broken by the evils being done to the kidnapped Chibok girls and the many other girls and boys being kidnapped.

“I have three daughters. I just cannot stand the thought of what those girls are passing through. I have spoken to an escapee who described how she was being raped for 40 days by militants. I can’t stand it. It is heart-breaking. Nigerian authorities must act decisively now,” he said, revealing that he spent “days and weeks” with commanders of Boko Haram in the north-east during his time in Nigeria.

Davis, 63, holds a PhD in political geography from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Below are excerpts from the exclusive interview with TheCable.

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  1. The Cat
    The Cat August 30, 13:19

    What Davis is telling Nigerians have been reported by the local Media and he is not making any meaningful sense at all. At least our securities agencies might have some challenges but they sure know what they are doing. When they claimed Shekau was dead nobody believed them but the Almighty America has come out to corroborate that indeed he was killed

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  2. Diskat
    Diskat August 30, 13:47

    I concur that MR Davies confessions are what we already know

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  3. sk
    sk August 30, 14:49

    I take the content of this interview with a pinch of salt. The flow of the English does not sound oyinboyish at all. There are lot sentiments and African coloration to the content of the interview. There a lot of unprofessional statements like ‘ If the president goes after these guys, they will say it is political. That is part of the problem. Everybody will say the president is going after his political opponents, especially as there is a general election next year’. Let Thecable give us a video clip of the interview. That will be more convincing!

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    • Ibrahim
      Ibrahim August 30, 17:51

      In truth, you are on point, sk.

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    • Ibrahim
      Ibrahim August 30, 17:58

      In truth you say the truth, sk. I won’t be surprised if Mr Davis tomorrow of parts of his statements being stretched.

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    • AZ
      AZ September 01, 06:40

      Any sane person will equally receive this info the way you have. However, even with a video clip, this interview makes no sense. It is only a smokescreen meant to divert attention and whip ip sentiments. i

      There is no way BH would name their genuine and real sponsors. They are more intelligent, more strategic, more organized and more determined to do so. We know the real sponsors of BH, and BH will never name them.

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    • l4lukman
      l4lukman September 01, 12:10

      you can watch the video clip on Arise tv.

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  4. Akpan
    Akpan August 30, 14:51

    It is good to get a reliable confirmation of what we already had been speculating about.

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  5. Liberty
    Liberty August 30, 16:48

    I think you may be decieving yourself if you must refer to your ‘almighty America’ for people to accept or buy your opinion.

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  6. Godman
    Godman August 30, 16:58

    God will expose those people involved and ultimately make them m** before the people they have betrayed the people they are suppose to lead

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  7. kit
    kit August 30, 18:16

    All the crisis about whose turn to rule Nigeria is about having their filthy hands on the oil money. Not about you & I. That’s all.

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  8. kit
    kit August 30, 18:27

    I’ve always known that once USA &others get involved in the boko haram saga the truth will be revealed. My worry is that innocent people are dying on a daily basis. Is it possible that the Security agencies are not aware of what Dr Davis said. I doubt it. For insurgency to thrive the way boko haram has done there must be strong local support.

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  9. Jagz
    Jagz August 30, 19:22

    Why bringing up this kind of story now? Is it another way to distract the Federal Government?

    There is God o!

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  10. Janut
    Janut August 30, 21:04

    The report looked contrived.
    Who were those Boko haram commanders he met with? None of those commanders would divulge secret finance of the sect to a mere negotiator
    Enough of this hide and seek game.Come out with name,facts and figures that will help the state to quickly get freedom from the sect.

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  11. Prince
    Prince August 30, 21:09

    I know that there is time for every thing, now the time has come for the president to give order for arresting those people without wasting a time.

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  12. Goodness
    Goodness August 31, 00:09

    The thief may have all the days to himself but one day is for the owner. There is a supernatural eye watching every activity under the sun whether good or bad and shall be rewarded accordingly.

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  13. ejire
    ejire August 31, 06:30

    What all these going to give us .agony let deal with the situation now .Why can start with this clue

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  14. akynkunmi
    akynkunmi August 31, 08:01

    its well known to us that every day is for the thief but, a day is for the owner. Oviously, he can never be the only one but, God will surely expose them all.

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    • @Sweat
      @Sweat August 31, 11:39

      Davies reveals shld not be taken lightly.There is a school of thouhgt dat.Somewhere one is planning to disorganize the North so dat block votes will not come frm that end to scuttle some political ambitn of those buzzed with power.BH cant triumph in our country for so long without support frm the top.My views will becm prophesy one day, mark it.

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  15. mr noble
    mr noble August 31, 13:57

    What i know is that we shall live and see the end of boko haram . Weather fake information or real information nigerian government should do something

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  16. Engr mna
    Engr mna August 31, 16:04

    We have to be very careful with this kind of report with no substantial evidence, especially with the likes of Reno Omokri in the kitchen cabinet and election is quite approaching.

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    • concerned9ja
      concerned9ja August 31, 20:43

      This is a vintagely contrived story to save a sinking and clueless government. this is Reno’s handiwork and thecable has fallen for it.

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  17. ss
    ss August 31, 16:07

    Reno Omokri style of story.

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  18. Bennoit Kenny
    Bennoit Kenny August 31, 17:04

    The report is false and there is no how the CBN can transact such a business on behalf of the BOKO HARAM as at then without records, whereby the new CBN Governor Emefiele can not reveal such details to the Federal Government. We need to be very careful because the northerners are coming up with a very new game.

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  19. Dr. Seawave Osimiri
    Dr. Seawave Osimiri August 31, 17:05

    Every story is a lie… Boko haram sponsors are not hiding. Nigeria my country! Listen: if you can’t beat them, arrange to have them beaten! Dr. Seewave has spoken.

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  20. H Dogara
    H Dogara August 31, 22:02

    The Almighty Allah, creator of all is watching and he will surely intervene in no time that’s my faith.

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  21. lord
    lord August 31, 22:50

    Jonathan has the chance of writing his name in gold on this issue by arresting and prosecuting those involve,his refusal to act means he too is involve

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  22. orovan
    orovan August 31, 22:57

    This story just does not seem right some thing is missing…

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  23. Bobo
    Bobo September 01, 15:30

    Let’s take the case to ICC (Hague), the truth shall come out.

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  24. deBoy
    deBoy September 01, 20:04

    unbelievable!! How could this criminal gang divulge sensitive information that could truncate the source of their financing? Has the negotiation come to an end? If not, the next time he dares to see the leadership of BK in their den, he must be ready for beheading. I can bet it, this so-called negotiator is fake. Let him mention the names of the BK leadership he negotiated with. This is a plot to implicate some perceived political enemies.

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  25. Eev
    Eev September 02, 13:57

    And what has the Nigerian security structure or the govt itself done with the information we purportedly already know or have? What the man highlights is the need for immediate actions.

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  26. Y2
    Y2 September 02, 14:12

    Whatever has a beginning must have an end. The end of BH is almost here. Just wait and see. No matter how powerful their sponsors are.

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  27. dan
    dan September 03, 15:01

    Govt will end this when they choose to end it!They have the Necessary might, resource and intelligence to do so what is lacking is the WILL POWER! People will believe what they want to believe.Chibok girls people doubted, police officers kidnap some still doubt, this news many will doubt! GOD WILL SOON SHAME THOSE INVOLVED.

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    UCHE-KASY September 03, 15:30

    This man speaks so well about these b******* called Islamic sect or Boko Haram. He was bold enough to mention Asari Dokubo from the Niger Delta but cowardice enough to mention the name(s) of the “Leaders” in the Boko Haram he almost concluded a peace deal with. NSA and the Military have always hindered his effort (Davis). while he consistently mentioned Azazi, Dokubo but not the CBN boss should be critically examined.
    I think we already know what Mr Davis is telling us.

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    • shawn
      shawn September 04, 18:57

      If u can read properly u would see “name withheld by THE CABLE for LEGAL REASONS “

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  29. Sina
    Sina September 03, 17:22


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  30. Chibuikemi
    Chibuikemi September 04, 09:35

    My prayer is for God to take perfect control of this situation soon and put end to this terrible actions of these bh in Jesus name. I pray that God will preserve the lives of those girls.Father, keep Nigeria together for us in Jesus name.

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    • abeem
      abeem September 05, 20:44

      We need to grow up as individuals and as a nation and stop hiding behind God for our lazy approach to resolving critical issues. This matter calls for swift and prompt response but the country is drifting like a ship on high seas without direction because we have a president who is incapable of leading and is not a leader in the right sense of the word.

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  31. shawn
    shawn September 04, 19:00

    If u can read properly u would see “name withheld by THE CABLE for LEGAL REASONS “

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  32. Patriot
    Patriot September 04, 22:14

    Dr, Davies, ss a father to three daugthers and the nrgociayor for the release of our Chibok daughters, has discharged his moral duty to humanity and the families of the innocent lives lost and displaced.
    Now it’s for Jonathan and the politicians to square up.
    The real Boko Haram are the sponsors, financiers and collaboraters and not the BK commanders and their foot soildrrs. If we sincerely and honestly want to end this BH thing, we must simply go after tthese sponnsor/financiers and collaborators.
    Time is runing out before they link up to Al-Qaeda , Al-shaibab, ISIS and terror groups as Davies warned.

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  33. box
    box September 05, 22:21

    The toad does not walk in the day time for nothing, is either something I’d chasing him or he is going for something.
    You don’t need a prophet or would you need a fortune-teller, no, by their fruits, works, speeches & actions, they’re known.
    Our major problem now is public office holders, their sins are worst than the sect, fueling them is worst than the man who carries the sword.
    The same persons had gone to king same the very souls they sacrificed to attain their ambitions.
    Too bad, & the people are quiet?
    God, help Nigeria bring these men to disgrace.

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  34. einb
    einb September 09, 06:48

    I quite agree. When d militant saga started, Nigerians knew who their leaders were up till the time it was partially brought to an end. My heart bleeds that some persons can sponsor such wickedness as Boko haram to the point of abducting other peoples kids to satify their sextual urge. Imagin the trauma those children would be going through right now being used as sextual slaves. Nigerians wake up. We have never liked outsiders telling us the truth. We will go the extra mile to discredit any information that will make us feel wanting. Our CBN is the legal route used to transfer money to BH. Oh God, what sought of country is this that allows very few people so much liberty to do what they like, and others who are aware are shut up with bribery. God help Nigeria.

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  35. mati
    mati September 09, 10:25

    I quite support the view of those that believe that bk will not disclose their source of finance. This piece of information is from bk I think it is not intelligent enough to relate such to the public without proper investigation. The motives of Davis is questionable!

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  36. Emmanue
    Emmanue September 10, 10:35

    Well, take it or leave it we some of us have always known that Boko Haram is sponsored and financed by Nigerian politicians with the help of some top officers in the mentioned bank.This is why it is believed that this administration is not doing enough when it comes to rescuing this country from the hands of terrorists. Somebody should not be dormant because he doesn’t second term bid. There is God o”

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  37. Joe
    Joe September 12, 23:41

    The Australian nam is an agent of the west.Hes another john campbell the former US ambassador who predict Nigeria will become a fail state in 2015.Therefore Boko Haram has an outside influence ,and their primary goal is to distabilize Nigeria as one nation because of the following reasons.
    1 Nigeria is black nation if resources well manage can become a powerful voice the world has to recognize when Nigeria talk
    2.A black nation to have permanent seat in the UN is a nightmare for the western power,and prefer South Africa for the Position, whether enemy like it or not Nigeria would prevail.Fellow Nigerians the time to work together is never better but now. Urging all eligible voter to go the polling booth and vote overwhelmingly in the next election february 2015. Nigeria will remain together despite the prediction forrmer US Ambassador says Nigeria would seize to exist as a nation in 2015.Nigeria should remain very vigilant because among Nigerian is whom the same people would use to carry out their dirty work.But our biggest problem is enemy within that can easily fall to the enemy.Its very sad that some CBN Staff named not mention and some Top government and Politician remain an agent of Satan because had never witness a good administration as GEJ Administration the record speaks for itself.Even in the face of corruption and security challenging facing the country the Economic growth remain number one priority of the administration. Nigeria would rewrite history if we hardly want to.Lastly,Government should level with her citizens at all time.Mr President should use every power vested on him ,and to make sure the country is safe so that more investment would come to nigeria.Additionally,Epilepsy of electricity supply should become things of the past under the present administration.

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  38. Jboy
    Jboy October 06, 18:05

    Dr Davies in my opinion made a true revelation. The triumph of evil men is just but temporal. They labour in vane pursuit of power to dominate until nemesis caught them all. May the soul of our innocent brothers and sisters rest in perfect peace.

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