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EXCLUSIVE: Drama at DSS as Marilyn Ogar is transferred to Maiduguri, then recalled

EXCLUSIVE: Drama at DSS as Marilyn Ogar is transferred to Maiduguri, then recalled
July 11
19:18 2015

The changes at the Department of State Services (DSS), Nigeria’s secret police, entered another phase during the week with new postings and a series of reversals.

TheCable understands that ‎Marilyn Ogar, who was until recently DSS deputy director, public relations, has been transferred to Maiduguri, Borno state, but the posting has now been put on hold following insinuations that it was “punitive”.

Ogar, as spokesperson, was responsible for defending the activities of the agency in the media and she is believed to be paying for some of her pronouncements, notably in the face-off with the Bring Back Our Girls movement and the DSS raids on the Lagos office of the All Progressives Congress (APC) last year.

 She has already lost her promotion following the nullification of the recent exercise.

“Right now, she is just hanging around in Abuja awaiting the next order,” a source at the agency informed TheCable.

President Muhammadu Buhari recently appointed Lawal Musa Daura as the acting DSS director-general following the resignation of Ita Ekpenyong, who was reportedly asked to go because of the “partisanship” of the agency under former President Goodluck Jonathan.

About 45 new state directors who were promoted under Jonathan have lost their new ranks as their promotions have been reversed.

Buhari refused to swear them in last Thursday, an indication that the promotion exercise had been annulled.

Daura has also ordered the sack of fresh graduates who were recently employed after an eight-month training.‎

TheCable understands that Daura has been mandated to probe the tenure of his predecessor. An official from the office of the secretary to the government of the federation (SGF) has been pencilled down to do the job.

The official, from Katsina state, is expected to be appointed as the new director of finance, taking over from an operative from Plateau state who was only appointed recently.

“Daura’s mandate is to probe Ekpenyong, but it is not looking bright because some of the allegations being examined are difficult to prove. It has now been established that the raids on APC office in Lagos were based on a tip-off by an APC member. This has complicated matters,” the source added.

DSS had raided the office on the allegation that the voters’ biometric cards were being illegally produced there, a move that generated public outrage. The agency did not charge any suspect to court.

Some top DSS operatives, meanwhile, are beginning to question the capacity of the new DG to pilot the affairs of the agency.

One of them told TheCable: “Daura was informed about the attack in Kano way before it happened. He refused to release money or approve the operations until bombs went off in three states.

“His records show that he was at the very bottom of his class, and during his service years, his file was filled with a lot of queries that should ordinarily disqualify him from the job. There are a lot of competent northern officers who can lead the DSS. Daura is not one of them.”

The reorganisation exercise is expected to continue as new governments usually fill strategic positions at the agency with loyalists.


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  1. Gud Nigerian
    Gud Nigerian July 11, 20:14

    Now the actual change is unfolding …….

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  2. Ibeto
    Ibeto July 11, 20:58

    I just love the Cable. I do not hesitate to read any of your update. We can all see the type of government being run by Mr. Buhari. It’s quite a pity… Incompetency in reckless display.

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  3. GodsElect
    GodsElect July 12, 00:44

    It has happened…It has!

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  4. Nwo odoli
    Nwo odoli July 12, 00:51

    A dictator is always a dictator. This man during the elections says that he is a changed man.Buhari is a military man to the core and brutal.

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  5. Doncor
    Doncor July 12, 01:21

    Buhari cannot change. Nigeria will overwhelm him eventually. He is obviously vindictive and no good leader will go far with that. The DSS should have internal mechanism of resolving these things. His own DSS, with the mediocre Daura, is already becoming partisan.

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  6. Doggy
    Doggy July 12, 05:32

    Nigeria voted for change… They shuld live with the Change the opted for.. Rubbish

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  7. Moses Amos
    Moses Amos July 12, 05:49

    Playing politics with security posting will spell doom for the sitting government. A dictator is always one. 1 chance here we go 9ja

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  8. blessed
    blessed July 12, 06:02

    The present government should be reminded that they have limited days to be in office.another government is coming later to ask them what they did while in office

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  9. Opomilero Mojaalekan
    Opomilero Mojaalekan July 12, 06:04

    Even as a card-carrying, up-to-date dues paying member of APC, I’m not surprised at whatever Gen Buhari is doing. Why do Nigerians think that a leopard will suddenly change its spots?
    He is what he is. We warned Nigerians, but the spell from his marabouts and grigri men Mali, Senegal, Gambia and all over the voodoo reputed defunct Songhai empire exerted a tight grip on peoples’ sense of reasoning and Nigerians gleefully throw this country to the dogs.
    To you political cheerleaders, welcome to the tyranny land of an unrepentant dictator, the village courtyard of an ethnic warlord and the slaughter slab of an unbendable religious bigot. This is perhaps rehearsals of your perceived ascension to the wasteland.
    Everyone is talking about Daura’s incompetence and weak qualification, what about the fact that the man who called himself president is shameless enough to also appoint someone from his village, the Director of DSS? Dem do Nigeria for Daura, Katsuna State? I’m sure he may soon appoint the Emire of Daura the Emperor of Nigeria.
    In flagrant negation of constitutional provisions, he has refused to appoint ministers because he,enjoys his lording it over Nigeria and his dictatorship. Shamelessly enough, you hear some goons trying to defend him. My question to such louts is, does it not sound to them,that if after 12 years of contesting the,same position and Buhari finally rigged his way in, he arrived presidency unprepared means crass incompetence and cluelessness?
    Those who know the publisher of TheCable (by far Nigeria’s most authoritative online newspaper) and his believe in Buhari will be worried and should know why Nigerians need to pray in this ‘One Chance’ we have all been doomed into

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    • orosun
      orosun July 12, 09:34

      Even if Buhari appoints his son, as long as he is quallified and trustworthy No problem

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    • Shams
      Shams July 12, 13:44

      To h**l with your card-carrying membership. From your write-up one doesn’t need any marabout to tell him that you are one of Jonathan supporters that is still nursing the injury of defeat. You can’t be an APC member and write this balderdash about the president. Marilyn Ogar deserved whatever punishment that come her way because she threw decorum and professionalism to the wind and acted as if there won’t be tomorrow. In fact she should be tried bribery and corruption allegation against her

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    • Abbakays
      Abbakays July 12, 23:52


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    • Emma
      Emma July 13, 09:52

      Opomilero? You are real opomilero!!!!! Funny dude masquerading as an opomulero! My Yoruba brothers in my office say if you know the meaning of that word, you wont use it.

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  10. God have mercy
    God have mercy July 12, 06:59

    If all these are in the interest of Nigeria, good. If not,tell PMB to soften matter o

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  11. Okey
    Okey July 12, 07:04

    This is another way of destroying an institution. Why all these actings before thinking which has become the trademark of Buhari and his government. When there is bad blood in an organization it will not be effective in her operations.

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  12. mela ezekiel
    mela ezekiel July 12, 07:08

    That is the change they promised us,i pity my country nigeria

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  13. Pally
    Pally July 12, 07:32

    I pity Nigeria and Nigerians. Is this what we will be faced with for the next four years? A dictatorial rulership. I wonder where all those that were shouting change are now.

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  14. Major
    Major July 12, 09:07

    Your comment..all ya prophets of doom will be put to shame.this govt shall succeed and it must succeed!If u can endure six yrs of gej incompetence,cluelessness,visionless and corruptible leadership,then i wonder why u still has the audacity to start castigating a govt that is still a baby in the hell with ur hatred toward this man PMB.God has finnally answered our prayers and u HATERS must live with it!!!

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  15. no panic
    no panic July 12, 09:29

    My people don’t panic the change is around its a matter of time….let me pick a sample Electricity have improve since he got there…any maggic definately no….let’s calm Down sai baba is at work…what you guys don’t know is that the former govt have done things upside down. Now let’s assume we have ministers they will be expect some salary now abi? Let’s save money….minister should wait….this is change era!

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    • ManLarry
      ManLarry July 13, 16:41

      Where did electricity increase? The only increase I have noticed are intra-Party crisis of the APC, Boko Haram bombings and the number of days of reign of Presidential Sole Administrator!

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  16. ogbu411
    ogbu411 July 12, 10:20

    Nothing is wrong wth all the steps ever taken by PMB; all to the interest of Nigerians.

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  17. Black boi
    Black boi July 12, 10:22

    What a snail……..abeg, execute the change you promised…….instead of bites biting!

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  18. onaisaac
    onaisaac July 12, 10:59

    We have prayed for PMB to be successful and that is while God has given him to us, stop the critics and watch what God has directed him to do. PMB is a symbol of God in Aso rock Pls mind your words and listen to the sight and sound of CHANGE. Sai BABA God is with You

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  19. Bash
    Bash July 12, 11:15

    well… at least we now have what I called phase ii of the compromised DSS. GEJ’s was the phase i.

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  20. Ajimodu aisami
    Ajimodu aisami July 12, 11:35

    Were the Jonathanians not playing politics with the security of the Nation when they were at the helm of affairs or this country?
    Almost all senior officers of Northern and Southwestern extraction were made completely made REDUNDANT . Most of them were posted to either hostile areas or deliberately posted to where their services are not required. Their promotions were denied them even when officers junior to them were promoted above them.
    At the HQ of the DSS you have to show your loyalty to the PDP and Jonathan openly for you to be accepted as a loyal officer.
    The whole place was turned into an appendage of the Ruling Party. Can you say with any degree of sincerity that Maryln Ogar was carrying out her duty as an officer loyal to the Nigerian State? Off course she was doing all those rubbish things with the full knowledge of her boss.
    At no time in the history of this country has the Security out fit of a Nation turned into a wing of the Government in power at the expense of the masses they were supposed to serve..One worst thing : Religion was also introduced as a criterion for promotion and deployment .
    Nobody complained at that time, because things were going your own way even though it was at the expense of the overall security of the Nation. They messed up the whole Dss just because they want Jonathan to continue.
    They couldn’t see beyond their nose. No condition is permanent.
    Now Buhari is vindictive!!!!!!

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    • Emmy
      Emmy July 12, 17:11

      We can’t change this country this way. You cannot drive darkness by using darkness. But you drive darkness by using light. You cannot drive hate by using hate. But you can drive hate by using love. They should not play politic with the security of this country.

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    • ManLarry
      ManLarry July 13, 16:46

      This thought trend is dangerous! Religion was never an issue during GEJ’s tenure and no one was ever said to have been posted to any service point on account of religion or as punitive action. This Change is not what most Nigerians asked for.

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  21. the patriot
    the patriot July 12, 11:51

    Hmmm when Cross rivers have 45 people among the recruits and many state have 5 people how can the recruitment Stand!

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  22. say
    say July 12, 12:26

    gud 4 her n gud 4 sss

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  23. Rock
    Rock July 12, 12:41

    I think some nigerians are too impatient for this govt considering the long yrs of decay the country has experience, if it takes this govt 3 mth to strategize and plan to get better results i dont see any thing wrong with that. So let us all support PMB. God bless Nigeria.

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  24. REPS DKW
    REPS DKW July 12, 12:47

    Haa haa haa 999 days of tips one day of owner mrs ogar remember what you done in lagos and oshun governorship election,you was show us that ur are pdp so today no more pdp goverment this is resul of what you done, so far this is just to begening,you are well come to maiduguri.

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  25. #PMB
    #PMB July 12, 12:50

    whatever you like just say it….by god grace pmb will make it

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  26. Salam
    Salam July 12, 12:56

    Pres. Buhari should be very careful as everything he has done since he took over points to the direction that he is on a vengeance mission or out to Northernize govt operations.
    Nigeria deserve more than this, even as a Northerner am not impressed by most of these actions because at 73 years of age he doesn’t have forever to live but it’s we the younger generation that will suffer the consequences when power returns to the South.
    He should stop embarrassing us, please.

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  27. Titus Asuk
    Titus Asuk July 12, 13:13

    Very unfortunate way to run an organization . Pure witch hunt . She was doing her duty to defend the government as Dura will do.

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  28. Teacher
    Teacher July 12, 14:23

    Your comment..Now that APC has started this way, it clearly shows how they will end up.

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  29. Ibrahim Bello
    Ibrahim Bello July 12, 14:56

    For me Buhari is doing a good job. Some of these peopleattacking Buhari who use Igbo names are actually non Igbos. After GEJ lost, most Igbos have moved up and most cases believe that he should be allowed to succeed. People from other ethnic group are using Igbo names to present the Igbos as if against Buhari and they are for Buhari. They trying to pinch the north against south east. But they will never succeed. As they failed to succeed at NASS where they wanted everything in exvlusion of Igbo. We Northerner see Igbo as true Nigerians who’re not only everywhere in the country but always develop any part of the country they call home.

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    • Obioma
      Obioma July 12, 18:47

      Very glad to notice that at least some1 @ Ibrahim Bello can see behind this sinister veil from whence these “lots”plot their sorry games. If PMB wants to appoint all his men so long our commonwealth is not looted as was done when these “lots” spearheaded every hem of affairs in this country, so be it. Perhaps, their anger is that PMB is not in a haste to appoint them so that they can continue their owambeism. Udo ga-achi. Igbo kwenu!

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    • ex
      ex July 14, 10:00

      Crap. You are igbo. Do not be ashamed or scared to say so.

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  30. JOE
    JOE July 12, 21:03

    How can any well meaning Nigerian expect that people that compromised their positions in such a sensitive organization like DSS should be allowed to continue in such a place. They gave false security reports to the Government in power that could have terrible implications to the

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    APC/PDP/TAN July 13, 16:15

    Maiduguri will expecting her with her mini-skirts and heavy make-ups.

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  32. imamu
    imamu July 15, 14:43

    9ja is in real trouble, there is no way a country could survive while it’s citizens fail to understand their diversity,and learn to live together as a country. the comments I read are so terrific that one can not imaging the future of this country. All should bear in mind that Nigeria is one country and will remained one. So let us unite for the betterment of our great Nation.

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  33. OBI
    OBI July 16, 11:35


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