EXCLUSIVE: How Nnamdi Kanu was lured with cash ‘donation’ and arrested

Nnamdi Kanu Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), was lured to a location in an African country with a promise of cash donation in millions of dollars, TheCable understands.

The IPOB leader, who was facing charges bordering on treasonable felony following his campaign for the secession of Republic of Biafra, had jumped bail in 2017 after a military action, code-named “Operation Python Dance”, targeted his family house in Abia state.

Security sources informed TheCable that the operation to re-arrest and put him back on trial had been “ongoing for a while” until success was recorded on Sunday, June 27.

“He was not arrested in the UK or Brazil or Czech Republic. He was not crated either, contrary to speculations,” the source said.


The Nigerian government has not named the country where Kanu was arrested, with Abubakar Malami, the attorney-general of the federation, just saying he was “intercepted” and extradited to Nigeria.

However, THEWILL, an online newspaper, reported that the “interception” took place in Ethiopia, where it said Kanu had been living for a while.

THISDAY specifically named Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, as the location.


TheCable learnt that Kanu was tracked through some members of IPOB who were recently arrested following a massive military operation in the south-east.

The security agencies worked through the links to give the IPOB leader the impression that he was going to be given some “millions of dollars” in cash donations to the organisation.

He was said to have decided to collect the money himself “because of the huge amount involved”.

Kanu even kept his associates in the dark about his mission, according to the security sources who said the top hierarchy did not know his whereabouts on the day he was arrested.


He had been having a crisis of confidence with some of his lieutenants over financial matters.

On arriving at the location where he was to collect the ‘donation’, he was arrested by that country’s security agencies and Interpol, and deported to Nigeria, the source said.

This has brought an end to the long-running episode since he left Nigeria while on bail.

His trial is expected to resume on July 26.

  1. I am all for self determination of all people but the approach by Nnamdi has been horrific. Then the arrest was like setting a bait. It all bothers on greed in the end. There’s always an issue of Trust & Money. I imagine if he had people he trusted, there’d be No need to come personally. In the other hand its good to know he’s been rearressted, he was causing a lot of havoc. Pretty rude and abusive.

  2. Nigeria…
    A country where it’s government will not fight corruption, terrorism and bribery but will stand up to bring down a man who is agitating for the freedom of his people…

    Buhari refuse to fight boko-haram
    Buhari refuse to fight fulani herds-men
    Buhari refuse to fight corruption But he chooses to arrest a man who is fighting for what is right for his own people…

    Believe me when i say that Nigeria is messed up

    1. Kanu was not anything valuable. He was a slaughterer of human beings and as good as the criminals you mentioned. Nothing bad in putting him under control. He defended only his wet pockets and posed no value chains. If Buhari did not arrest or fight other criminals, should he have been added to the lot of insecurity?

      Besides, others are hiding in bushes, why not go into some caves like Shecow or the HERDSMEN? He lives porch lifestyle and delusions and making Security forces vulnerable. You should be ashamed of yourself for speaking for filthy terrorists that he and Boko Haram represent.

      They also will make mistakes that will nail them at some points.

  3. How does one collect “millions” of dollars in these modern times ? I suppose he went with huge baskets ? You people should go get a life and stop writing twaddle !

  4. How can a freedom fighter be collecting millions of dollars to be using it for setting his mother land on fire while he is away. And while Europe and other developed countries are for more unity we are agitating for break up, war and cessation???

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