EXCLUSIVE: NCC directs mobile operators to increase data tariffs

The Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) has directed mobile operators to initiate a new data tariff regime from December 1, 2016 in what is effectively a price increase.

In a letter to mobile operators dated November 1 and seen by TheCable, the regulator stated that the interim floor price for data services was 0.90k/MB for big operators, and that “this rate will subsist pending the finalisation of the study on the determination of cost based pricing for retail broadband and data services in Nigeria”.

“In order to provide a level playing field for all operators in the industry, small operators and new entrants to acquire market share and operate profitably small operators and new entrants are hereby exempted for the price floor for data services,” it said.

“For the avoidance of doubt a small operator is one that has less than 7.5 percent market share and a new entrant is an operator that has operated less than three years in the market.


“All operators are to ensure that subscribers are not automatically migrated to pay-as-you-go platform.

“Also, note that effective date for the interim price floor is December 1, 2016.”

On Monday, MTN sent messages to its customers stating that there would an increase in its data tariffs on December 1.


The message read: “Dear customer, please be informed that from December 1, some MTN data tariffs will be increased to reflect the new rates set by the NCC to operators.”

  1. The NCC can’t sanction the mobile operators for rendering poor data services and yet, they are working with them to increase the tariff. Are they really with Nigerians or feeding themselves?

  2. Can NCC kindly explain what positive value will this have on the masses especilly at this period of recession. It is quite unfunate, the kind of people we have, managing affairs that concern the masses.

  3. Why not tax the “big companies” more?Instead of taxing them the Govt wants telecoms to cease being a competitive free market sector. The sad part is not in the increase (I would not be happy even if they told them to reduce), the tragedy is price control. That HAS to stop.

  4. This shows that the APC government is anti-people and anti-youth.Pray what sort of government WOULD take DELIGHT in further impoverishing it’s citizens and further deny them of basic”enjoyments” by introducing DEVILISH and MINDLESS taxes and tariffd??? 2019 IS VERY NEAR…

  5. How did I get to this country where greed has eclipsed the brain of the majority! This is like stabbing the heart of telecommunication.

  6. What are these people turning this country into? NCC, are you now running a regulatory agency of cabals to protect the interest of cabals? It’s clear you’re not fighting for the interest of the masses.

  7. Other countries are straggling had to lift any cost or expenses on there citizens but Ncc listen to ur self. Some times I ask do some of us do have heart. I blv all this may because people air there view on country situation, fast listen and spread news via internet. Instead of thinking on how to solve d economic problems. You guys should think on how to rebuild Nitel and generate income for this country and steady NEPA. How I wish my voice can be captured above here

  8. hehehe Buhari hand dey this thing, secondly, they want to reduce the number of Nigerians on social media, why didn’t they increase call rate, why is it only the data rate that is targeted?, secondly I pity Glo, Airtel and Etisalat because it’s only mtn that will enjoy, because upto 85% of Nigerians have mtn as their main lines and others specifically for browsing, because others are just cheaper but mtn has a better coverage. Therefore, if mtn Glo and others are charging me the same on data, my other lines are as good as useless.

  9. Federal government ordered NCC to ask the network providers to increase it not minding if the data service is good or not, this move will tell you that from the President to the ward councilor non of them is there for the masses, if not for personal interest why should the Fed give such order to NCC and nobody cares to ask why. well one of my friend said that Buhari has actually delivered his campaign promise of change 100%. I think this is just part of the change. So let’s in the next 11hrs plus we will hear the new plan.

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