EXTRA: I feel embarrassed whenever I wear suits, says Dalung

EXTRA: I feel embarrassed whenever I wear suits, says Dalung
June 27
17:15 2019

Solomon Dalung, former minister of youths and sports development, says many people have issues with the way he dresses.

The former minister often wears khaki with a red beret. In an interview with PUNCH, he said he could not change the way he appears because he belongs to a “school of moral philosophy called hedonism.”

The ex-minister said he does not wear suits because any time he put on one, he gets embarrassed but that khaki gives him peace of mind.

“I think the problem has to do with my dressing. So many people hate my dressing. It is not about my person. It is about my dress,” he said.


“People want me to maybe change it but I am a hedonist. I belong to a school of moral philosophy called hedonism. We, hedonists, believe in something that gives us pleasure and refrain from something that gives us pains.

“So, that what I am doing doesn’t suit you is not my business.”

“Why I don’t wear suits is that if I wear it, I am always embarrassed. ‘Oh! You look sweet, you look good’ are comments that I hear when I wear suits,” he said.


“Whereas, when I wear my khaki nobody even says good morning. And I have my peace.”

Dalung said he managed the crisis in the sports sector well.

“I effectively did. One thing about my personality is that anything that is injustice, I won’t associate with it. I don’t deal with a person because of who he is. I deal with issues,” he said.

“When the issue of the AFN vice president doping crisis came up and it was politicised, I told the VP that it was not about him being liked by someone or not. The allegation raised is weighty.


“Let the process exonerate you, submit yourself for investigation. People will always expect you to manage crisis based on their sentiments but I won’t do that. Issues with legal flavour must go by the law. In all these crisis, my name was sung as the second national anthem.”

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  1. NigerianWiki
    NigerianWiki June 27, 18:40

    Lol! This man though. Always a clown. Not like suit is a part of our culture but dressing like that every time doesn’t make sense.

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