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EXTRA: Man City has spent more on defenders than 52 countries on security

Manchester City, an English football club, has spent more money on buying defenders for the team than 52 countries have spent on national security in 2017.

In total, Man City, as the club is popularly called, has spent $287.3 million including their latest signing of Aymeric Laporte.

Using data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), a think tank dedicated to research into conflict and disarmament, iNews UK reported that Laporte’s signing fee was higher than the defence budget of El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago, Senegal, Chad and Guatemala.

CountryDefence budget
Guatemala$271.2 million
Chad$267.4 million
Senegal$254 million
Trinidad & Tobago$236.2 million
El Salvador$232.6 million
Kyrgyzstan$206.5 million
Gabon$202.8 million
Afghanistan$173.6 million
Niger$166.2 million
Bosnia-Herzegonia$164.5 million
Guinea$161.9 million
Ghana$161.8 million
Burkina Faso$149.5 million
Albania$146.6 million
South Sudan$137.5 million
Mauritania$136.1 million
Jamaica$118.4 million
Cuba$118.4 million
Mozambique$112.2 million
Macedonia, FYR$106 million
Mongolia$101.9 million
Rwanda$101 million
Benin$98.1 million
Tajikistan$95.8 million
Togo$82 million
Papua New Guinea$81.9 million
Nicaragua$72.6 million
Swaziland$67.3 million
Montenegro$67.2 million
Burundi$66.5 million
Madagascar$59.3 million
Malta$57.5 million
Kosovo$51.9 million
Central African Republic$51.6 million
Guyana$48.9 million
Fiji$45.2 million
Lesotho$40.7 million
Djibouti$36.3 million
Malawi$33.6 million
Moldova$29.7 million
Sierra Leone$26.8 million
Timor Leste$26.2 million
Mauritius$23 million
Laos$22.7 million
Belize$20.6 million
Seychelles$18.4 million
Equatorial Guinea$18.2 million
Iceland$17.4 million
Guinea-Bissau$17 million
Gambia$14.3 million
Liberia$12.3 million
Cape Verde$10.2 million