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EXTRA: ‘You are a small boy from Mushin’ — Ngige taunts Faleke at reps hearing

EXTRA: ‘You are a small boy from Mushin’ — Ngige taunts Faleke at reps hearing
July 22
17:42 2020

There was a drama between Chris Ngige, minister of labour and employment, and James Faleke when the minister appeared before a house of representatives ad hoc committee on Tuesday.

Faleke, who is representing Ikeja federal constituency, is a member of the ad hoc committee investigating the suspension of the management of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF).

Ngige, before answering questions, had started by saying that members of the committee were hisyounger brothers, except Faleke whom he said might be up to 60. 

Faleke interrupted the minister, saying he was well over 60, but the minister said the lawmaker was a “small boy” and that he is of the same age bracket with Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who is seen as Faleke’s political benefactor. 


“So you are near my age, at least I am seven years older than you. I’m the same age with your mentor in Lagos, Asiwaju,” the minister said.  

“And I was governor with him at the same time. He was a senator, I was a senator. I am a two time minister, he isn’t a two time minister.” 

Again, Faleke interrupted saying Tinubu “won all his elections very well.” The remark appeared to be a mockery of Nigige whose election as governor of Anambra state was nullified in 2006. 


Responding again, Nigige said; “no problem about that, just like you won your own in Kogi state very well. And you are now the deputy governor and governor of Kogi state.” 

Faleke, who was running mate to Abubakar Audu, in the 2015 Kogi governorship election was denied the governorship ticket when Audu suddenly died as the election was almost completed. 

When Faleke asked the minister to respond to questions, he said; “I’m responding my friend, if you yab me, I yab you ten times. I am a Lagos boy, you are just a small boy in Lagos. Look at this Mushin boy, he’s talking with a VI boy. I lived in Victoria Island. Look at this Mushin boy from Kogi o.” 

There has been controversy over the suspension of the management of the NSITF. 


In a letter on July 1, 2020 and addressed to Adebayo Somefun, managing director of NSITF, Ngige had said President Muhammadu Buhari had approved the suspension of the management Somefun heads over “misappropriation and other gross misconduct”. 

Somefun was instructed to hand over to the most senior official in the board, and face a panel that would investigate procurement dealings of the agency from 2017 to 2020. 

Reacting, NSITF, however, had said the president has not given such a directive. 
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  1. Prof Obiaraeri
    Prof Obiaraeri July 23, 08:16


    Have you watched the latest film released from the stable of the House of Representatives after the “Prof Pondei ‘fainting’ and Senator Akpabio ‘Is Ok’ dramas”?

    Hmmm…You mean you have not watched the epic film subtitled “VICTORIA ISLAND BOY VERSUS MUSHIN BOY alias Ajebutter 67 versus Ogbologbo 60” featuring Senator Ngige and Honourable Faleke as Star actors?

    You need to watch it as part of the trending Nigerian big screen movies.

    It is a thriller but a sad commentary on our nation and the type of “jagajaga” democracy we claim to be practising.

    Democracy promotes order, rule of law, constitutionality and majority rule in the context of service delivery to the masses but it seems Nigeria’s brand of democracy is different and negates these ideals.

    Without prejudice to what may have led to that distasteful public outburst between a Federal Legislator and a Federal Minister (both of whom are supposed to be servants of Nigerian people), it must be stated with clarity that the law is no respecter of persons but it does not despise people!

    In carrying out its constitutional mandate of oversight, members of the legislature exercise quasi-judicial powers but the lawmaker is not a Judge that is presumed by law to know everything.

    As a fact finder, a Judge does not need to howl at litigants, humiliate witnesses or engage in a shouting match with lawyers in order to assert his judicial authority or enter judgment.

    Ditto for a legislator in the exercise of the constitutional power of oversight.

    Even a Judge shows respect for people’s stations in life and will punish such people heavily if they go below the expectation of law and common sense.

    Pointedly, no Nigerian, no matter how elevated, should have the audacity to insult or abuse a lawmaker in the discharge of his or her duties.

    A lawmaker must at all times be respected and accorded the due dignity of his office failing which necessary sanctions should flow.

    Like the judiciary, the legislature is an institution that must be deeply revered and honoured in the interest of nation building and collective survival.

    However, lawmakers, like all public officials, must not lose sight of the fact that they are first and foremost servants of the people.

    They must therefore treat all citizens with respect and dignity.

    Borrowing from the commendable practice in the courts, the language of parliamentary inquests must be civil and never combative or pugnacious.

    Therefore, whatever made Senator Ngige to publicly engage Honourable Adeleke in that kind of heavy altercation or verbal showdown now trending on the internet must be investigated, redressed and clearly avoided against next time by the House of Representatives leadership.

    A serving Minister who was a former Senator and former Governor in tow should not be humiliated or intimidated in any legislative bowel or public institution.

    Respect they say is reciprocal.

    Indeed, no Nigerian citizen, no matter how lowly placed, should be bullied, insulted, harassed or mortified in the legislature or any public institution.

    Parliamentary business, like court proceedings, should be conducted with utmost decorum in order to inspire public confidence, awe and esteem.

    Nigerians need the dividends of democracy that flow from the harmonious working relationship between the legislative and executive arms of government.

    Nigerians do not need to see Part 2 of this kind of disgraceful film from our public officials and public institutions.

    Enough is enough because to whom much is given much is expected- cui multum datum est multum sperandum.

    A new normal is possible!

    Prof Obiaraeri, N.O.

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  2. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel July 23, 09:44

    Lol,though his governorship was nullified but I could still remember he was a very good and working governor then, he did a nice job in Anambra.

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