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FAAN to improve airport facilities for PWDs — after TheCable’s report

BY Samuel Akpan


The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has promised to upgrade airport facilities across the county for easy access by persons with disabilities (PWDs).

TheCable’s investigation had exposed the agonising experience faced by people with disabilities while using airports across the country despite an inclusive law in place.

Speaking on Wednesday when he featured on Public Conscience, a radio programme produced by the Progressive Impact Organisation for Community Development (PRIMORG) on Kiss FM, Alex Okosun, FAAN’s head of public affairs, Abuja, said actions will be taken to make airports disability-friendly.

Okosun said the airports’ management is aware of the challenges faced by people with disabilities, including difficulties accessing facilities, the absence of aircraft carriers for wheelchair users, insufficient signage, and other related issues.


“We (FAAN) listen to complaints, and we try to do our best to improve our facilities. We have a lot of people with special needs who come to the airport and engage our management,” he said.

“I promise that when we get back to the office, we are going to do a total report and make sure we pursue it to a logical conclusion.”

Zuwaira Yahaya-Joe, FAAN’s deputy-general manager of customer care, corroborated Okosun’s position, saying dedicated efforts will be made to enhance airport facilities and make them accessible for travellers with disabilities.


“FAAN will act on challenges of PWDs at airports across the nation and will ensure signage for PWDs at airports is made more conspicuous,” she said.

“We have special passages for PWDs. We have a passage they can go through to the airport and board their aircraft; and concerning signage for people with special needs, we will make them more conspicuous and make sure we improve so that people can know where and where to go.”


David Anyaele, executive director of the Center for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), who joined the programme via phone call, said PWDs have continued to face difficulties while using airports despite several complaints.


“I advise that FAAN conducts accessibility audits for people with disabilities using Nigerian airports,” he said.

“We’ve done our part by sharing (information) with you, taking time to conduct a survey to audit regarding disability access to airports.

“When people with disabilities want to use the airports, they struggle more than people without disabilities, during this period.

“Key among the problems of PWDs are information dissemination and access to aircraft which remains a nightmare.

“There is no mobile lift, which is available in other countries. If you want to board, you go through the mobile elevator.”


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