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FACT CHECK: Buhari dead? Attempts suicide? Fake news is booming!

FACT CHECK: Buhari dead? Attempts suicide? Fake news is booming!
January 25
19:16 2017

Breaking: new websites are springing up to announce the death of President Muhammadu Buhari – or his attempted suicide.

They are, in fact, spoofs, purporting to be Metro newspaper of UK or Huffington Post of US, TheCable can report.

While “Metro” reported the “death” of Buhari, “Huffington Post” said he was caught “committing suicide”.

The two fake sites are operated by the same company.


The same picture of Buhari was used in both stories, and the line “The President’s decision to receive medical care in a foreign land has angered some of his countrymen” was repeated word-for-word.

The owners of the two sites are listed as WILD WEST DOMAINS on The sites were registered in Arizona, US.

“Huffington” was registered on November 19, 2016, and “Metro” on October 25, 2016.

fake metro

The fake Metro

At the weekend, “Metro” reported: “Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari dies in London”.

This sent the internet into a frenzy in Nigeria, and the fake story was picked up by blogs and the social media.

There were glaring loopholes in the story – it referred, for instance, to the “Nigerian embassy” in London, instead of “high commission”.

A bigger gaffe, though, was the attribution of the story to a statement issued by the Nigerian mission. If the president actually dies, the announcement will be made in Abuja, not London.


The brains behind the story were obviously unaware of this key protocol, but it is not unlikely they were carried away by the fact that the president is currently in London on a 10-day vacation, during which he said he would do a medical check-up.

Since he “died” in London, the announcement must be made in London!

Metro real

The real Metro

If there was actually a statement by the Nigerian high commission, the global media will report it, not just “Metro”. It can’t be exclusive to “Metro”.

That the website is a spoof is apparent from the address, The real web address of Metro, a high-circulating free morning newspaper, is The logos, or mastheads, of the two Metros are very different.


Although the rumours were denied, and the president tweeted a picture of himself watching TV, the “news” had spread so fast that whoever was behind it must be smiling in satisfaction.

At least, they succeeded in drawing denials from the presidency, widely publicised in traditional and new media.


Mission accomplished. On to the next one.

The fake news merchants have stepped up their game, graduating from “Metro” to a global brand, “Huffington Post” of the US.


On Wednesday afternoon, reported that “Nigeria President’s security tightened after attempting Suicide”.

Fake Huff

The fake Huffington Post

Aside the fact that real Huffington Post’s address is (or for the UK edition), there is style inconsistency in the the headline: whereas other words are all in small letters, suicide uses the intial cap “S”. Huff Post uses small letters for its headlines.

The style of writing was also less than professional – something not to be associated with Huff Post.

The intro reads: “LONDON – Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is under heavy security after his personal aides found him committing suicide in his London residence, local media reports.”

He was found committing suicide or attempting to commit suicide? Huff Post is more elegant in its use of English.

“According to local reports, the London Metropolitan Police has responded to the call by his personal assistance to provide additional security for the president”

Police has or have? It is a plural word, globally.

Personal assistance? They probably meant personal assistant.

Huff real

The real Huffington Post

Who is behind the fake news sites? The anonymity offered by the internet means it will be difficult to know.

This is not the first time that Buhari has been caught in the web of fake news: he was said to have donated $500 million to the failed Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in the US.

The claim was attributed to a non-existent US non-governmental body.

“A US non-governmental group, the American Black Group for Democracy has revealed  that the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari’s government plunged  $500 million (About N150 billion) into the failed Hillary Clinton electioneering campaign fund,” the video claimed.

A fact check by TheCable disproved the story.

With more fake news to be expected, on to the next one then…


  1. Danmaliki
    Danmaliki January 25, 22:40

    Alhamdulillah,All praises be to Allah LORD OF THE WORLDS

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  2. kollycool
    kollycool January 25, 22:57

    Let Buhari say something then so that we can put the rumour mongers to shame

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  3. jaciky
    jaciky January 26, 00:48

    They can’t say he died 5 days ago and then tell us today that he attempted suicide. So,it is fake in that regard,but I hope nothing is fishy in all this.smh
    Quick recovery to PMB

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  4. bakori
    bakori January 26, 10:07

    preyer is best

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  5. i-divine
    i-divine January 26, 10:48

    wish PMB quick recovery

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  6. Hadley
    Hadley January 26, 11:41

    A lot of skeleton hidden in the cloth-set,Well I’m not GOD so let him alone take the wheel.He sees in secret.

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  7. holluboy
    holluboy January 26, 11:53

    Your comment..preyer is the key

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  8. Glory Ferdinand
    Glory Ferdinand January 26, 13:24

    Your comment..please, we Nigerians are praying for our President to come back safely.

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  9. l
    l January 26, 13:49

    There is no smoke without fire!! There is differently something wrong

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  10. baba musa
    baba musa January 26, 15:33

    Your comment.. There is God.

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  11. Ultimate
    Ultimate January 26, 17:04

    If our President is okay he should not keep us in limbo. Let him speak on camera. Yara duo’s case as taught us lesson

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  12. Mikyja
    Mikyja January 26, 17:37

    Pls my PMB talk to ur people so that all Nigerian we be at feast God will heal u OK after 10 days u Will come back tanks

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  13. Steve
    Steve January 26, 18:17

    We will all be here to witness Buhari’s second term in office if he wish to run for second term. So, enough of these death rumour whether by suicide or attempted suicide.

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  14. onyiboy
    onyiboy January 26, 20:36

    yar,adua’s death case has taught us PMB should speak for himself so that all this rumours will end

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  15. randy
    randy January 26, 20:41

    Your comment..I pray dat pmb gets well soon & be back to resume his work 4 things has gone beyond control .

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  16. davo
    davo January 26, 20:56

    I thank God that Mr PMB is not dead, because the currupt people we have in this our great nation want him dead, even when he is healthy and strong, they will face jugement.

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  17. Podah
    Podah January 26, 21:11

    The world should not judge pmb from far.that seat is not easy.may God help him.

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  18. Ifeco
    Ifeco January 26, 21:15

    Let him talk to us on vidio camara

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  19. jay-jay
    jay-jay January 26, 21:46

    God knows the best for PMB. but second time will not be possible because things are not easy. let’s study the price of goods before and during this tenure.
    kerosene 130 /ltr 300
    gari. 160/Congo 300
    diesel. 165/Ltr. 260
    petrol. 87/ltr 145
    keyboard 60000. 158000
    saxophone 30000. 125000
    Baja boxer 120000. 270000
    gas 12.5kg 1800. 6000
    stove 1500. 4500
    m.cycle tube 250. 650
    salary did not regular even some half payment while some no payment.
    let’s just pray for his health but not for second time in office because health is wealth.

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  20. Cashflo
    Cashflo January 26, 22:04

    He should speak for him self

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  21. yke
    yke January 26, 23:13

    Your comment..if mr president is alive let him come on television and make a speech, for us to confirm that he is still alive, because no need of delaying things

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  22. Ugowhite
    Ugowhite January 27, 00:14

    I smelt foul play, why are the APC governors are forcing VP to resign ? So it all means that something has happened again. Buhari pls where ever you are on these planet earth, SPEAK.

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  23. ruzy
    ruzy January 27, 04:12

    Its a pity to have this rumor towards him, I do not pray him death, I wish he survives it.

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  24. DON-Vic
    DON-Vic January 27, 07:08

    Your a very rumour there is atom of truth

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  25. Olajumoke
    Olajumoke January 27, 10:23

    Smart! @thecable

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    IBRAHIM BELLO January 27, 10:26

    We are praying Allah for our President Buhari quick recovery

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  27. noah
    noah January 27, 10:28

    Gudmng Nigeria. Is time we take note of what citizens are going throw, let’s leave political parties and face the fact that Nigerians are suffering, our money have bien tied down all in the name of fighting corruption, our politicians invested in foreign contry, while we are starving selling crounut on the street, even the farm Ceased to produced, We should go to the Bible and see throw the time of pharaoh and compared to Nigeria now, ‘before we know, our money will lost the way President Abacha Made us to lost our money to foreigners till today we can’t collect from them, why can’t we invest in our Banks to anable Nigeria grow? Why can’t we invest on our people? If we can’t see we should use our glasses so that Nigeria will not go down. Thanks. Noah.

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  28. starboi
    starboi January 27, 11:24

    Mr president stop the rumor by saying some tin so that we can confirm the rumor to be fake

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    DOLEXMAN January 27, 12:28

    If it is health challenges we wish him quick recovery so that he can come back home and take over his responsibility Sai Baba 2019

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  30. amaru
    amaru January 27, 13:35

    PMB is the best president Nigeria has ever produced, the Nigeria refineris are working now after many years of corruption via subsidy, Enugu portharcourt road is seriously under construction now, the same to aboundoned Enugu onitsha road etc, this man has encouraged our local farmer and producer by banning importation of some goods and services we can produce ourself, pls may God keep him safe to deal with tthis corruption by our politicians. All this economic recession will soon be a thing of past. Let’s Nigeriaians encourage and pray for our dear and God sent president rather than peddling fake rumors

    Reply to this comment
    • TEK1
      TEK1 February 16, 06:23

      We have had two out of four refineries working since and Yar’Adua began turn around maintenance on a third which was completed last year. Work on Enugu-Onitsha started in 2014. That’s a route I plied regularly as a UNN student

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  31. Shittu
    Shittu January 27, 13:43

    Baba u can not die for the fake news our President is alive not dead……….we wish our President long life………….. But baba all the poor them hungry oooooooooooo

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  32. SHALOM
    SHALOM January 27, 15:19


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  33. Zion Richy
    Zion Richy January 27, 16:03

    Hevean Can Wait,but we Only Watching The Sky,Hoping For The Best But Expecting The Worst.Only Time Shall Unvail The Truth!

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  34. uji
    uji January 27, 16:54

    my President is alive. i pity those saying he is dead.

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  35. Rios
    Rios January 27, 18:26

    I wish pmb quick recovery….God ll help u sir

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  36. deemax
    deemax January 27, 19:03

    I reserve my comment……PMB speak……

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    OTAGBURU January 27, 19:19

    If him is alive let him call Nigerians on phone so that all news will stop going around the country

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  38. Prospero
    Prospero January 27, 19:52

    Your comment..well,as a true Nigerian as talks have it to say “Action speaks louder than voice”.please i solicite that Mr.Predsident in the person of Mohammadu Buhari should speak for himself so as to clearify this rumour…..because lesson has it to say experience is the best let’s learn from the case study of our ex-president in person of Yar’Adu’a ……………looking up to you sir mr.president.

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  39. Bishopfriday
    Bishopfriday January 27, 20:43

    Your comment..Speak 4 ur people

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  40. shubs
    shubs January 28, 00:05

    May ALLAH guide and protect our beloved P.M.B and uplift him against his enemies

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  41. Eststory
    Eststory January 28, 00:22

    There’s no smoke without fire. If PMB is alive then all evil tendency no matter how flourishing the may appear to be, the contain in themselves seeds of decay.

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  42. SGM
    SGM January 28, 01:32

    This is embarassing and shameful acts to wish one’s death, no matter the ethiniciyy, religion and cultutal differencrs.
    Father, have mercy on these gullible unpatrotic people

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  43. macky
    macky January 28, 11:03

    Your comment..You and who? Please speak for yourself

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  44. onney
    onney January 28, 12:38


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    CHRISMIND January 28, 16:27

    WELL, every leader is being instituted by only God, my prayer for our president is fast recovery and wisdom to handle issues when He finally comes back, above all let the will of God be done. surely there is a reason for everything under the earth. long live Federal Republic of Nigeria. God bless us.

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  46. Emmy funkey
    Emmy funkey January 28, 17:38

    I agree to this statement ‘ no smoke without fire’if he is alive just as we pray for him let him speak,it has been a while now when this ugly news sprang up to the whole world and is only the presidency that can speak on his behalf ,they even say Nigerian can pesuade pmb to talk am sure they had been hearing from question is this,is he a president of his cabinet only or president of Nigeria.

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  47. Mr teewhy
    Mr teewhy January 28, 23:03

    one thing I know, pictures can easily be manipulated in present day time, video will do a lot of clarification

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  48. maxmary
    maxmary January 29, 15:54

    we Nigerians should try and cooperate with pmb, to make our country A better place instead of pointing accusing finger’s.

    one love for my able pmb.

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  49. mira
    mira January 29, 19:34

    Your comment..Buhari pls sir speak for ur self in this situation of rumour

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  50. Xanthos
    Xanthos January 29, 20:11

    committing suicide….. the author of the story must have been influenced by Bright Chimezie song…. a black man wey dey hear is committing suicide, Police eh!

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  51. meekprof
    meekprof January 29, 20:43

    Your comment.we should not wish out own president death

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  52. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel January 30, 21:49

    Let the living speak for themselves and the dead be silent forever we cannot repeat yara dua issue if he is alive let him speak and not displaying photos and images in front of camera

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  53. Stephen
    Stephen January 31, 09:54

    Your comment..l.thank God for what his done for me from 2016 to 2017

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  54. Uwem Sunday
    Uwem Sunday January 31, 11:50

    Please let know one put insults on my president. We are all aware he went for medical check up, and promised to resume work by February, Lets wait and see before opening our mouth. We wish you quick recovery Sir, you are our president no matter what, either good or bad, your creating fear for corruption is a good thing you have don for us, automatically you are laying a foundation for who ever succeeds you.
    Get well ASAP.

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  55. ragg
    ragg February 01, 09:20

    ur a great man that has no d ifference I pray for quick recovery.

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  56. olalaken
    olalaken February 01, 15:04

    Say baba pray may allah strenghtin u were u r n quick recovery so dat let shame be on ur enemies necks

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  57. josh
    josh February 01, 23:50

    let buhari himself speak on video. if you can remember abubakar shekau the boko haram leader when people are sayin he’s dead he showed himself in a short video clamin he’s not dead why cant buhari hiself speak!!!!!!!!! Buh all i no is that we shail no the truth oneday

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  58. nijaman
    nijaman February 03, 18:57

    PMB would have been doing well if not for the religious segregation he is fueling

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  59. Baba Ibe
    Baba Ibe February 05, 20:59


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  60. Baba Ibe
    Baba Ibe February 05, 21:01


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  61. mark
    mark February 07, 06:49

    Your comment.. pmb is time for to tell nigeria the true,water can’t flow without river,so i urge mr pmb to speak for thing i want nigeria to know .is this keeping sceret it not help,am here to urge the senetors to do something about these,if the vice president osibanjo will anuance pls the shouuld do that fast before nigeria yourth will die on hunger just like pmb.

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  62. Atm
    Atm February 07, 09:01

    People wishing for d presidents death should have a rethink on their own lives.every mortal will one day answer the call of God.Think of ur last day nd forget about other pples last days on earth for it profits u nothing.Mr president God will heal u,wis u quickest recovery.

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  63. Mary
    Mary February 11, 00:11

    Your…….pls come back and finish what you started biko

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  64. macjohnson
    macjohnson February 12, 18:22

    Your comment..Our president the only round peg in a round hole. ever produced in Nigeria I wish you quick. recovery so that. you will come back and take Nigerians to the promise land. you are really God’s chosen one.

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  65. Fresh baby onwe
    Fresh baby onwe February 23, 13:12

    prayer is best

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  66. Olumole
    Olumole March 03, 17:56

    Which yr Nigeria will be better?
    Bad news about ur PMB a hole President,, Abaaa
    Anytime a new president take over, Some things new always happen…
    1: time of abasha,,2: yar adua,,3: Goodluck,, infact check the history of allLL president that rules in this NIGERIA ,,, now PMB time goods are going Higher NOT Lower ,,, do u know next president world we be … Let us continue praying for him not he dead….Dead is not a SOLUTION to this problem things that want to good we first bitter not sweet ,,,
    Am praying 4 u ( thy lord God Almighty ,, the master healer we Heal u in Jesus Name .,,,

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  67. general5050
    general5050 March 05, 18:57


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