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‘Fake Instagram account’ behind Nonso Diobi’s accident report

‘Fake Instagram account’ behind Nonso Diobi’s accident report
April 23
19:17 2016

Nonso Diobi, Nollywood actor, has declared that the news of his accident is false.

In a voice note obtained by Colossus Gists, an online news platform, the 40-year-old movie producer said the news was spread by a false Instagram account.

“Hi, my name is Nonso Diobi. I am sending this message to my fans and friends that must have heard the false news. This is to confirm that the news is false and it is not from me.

“My Instagram account is @nonsodiobi Check my account and you will realize that I didn’t send such message, that message was from an impersonator @nonsodiobi1 or whatever name they are using now.


“The news is totally false, I’m fine and none of the news that have been coming through all this while is true.

“As you can see, I sound perfectly ok so please disregard anybody carrying on with this message. I did not ask anybody for support online, I did not ask for cash or gifts online and I am perfectly ok and everything is alright so please it’s a scam from impersonators.

“Do not regard that news, I am fine.  And that account @nonsodiobi1 is not my account, I don’t use it and I don’t ever operate it.”


An Instagram account with the username @nonsodiobi1 posted a picture of an injured leg on Monday, April 18.

“Had an accident yesterday evening, my leg all plastered up but I believe that sometimes God allows some things to happen to people so we can know who our true friends are.”

However, the post has been taken down.



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