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FAKE NEWS ALERT: FG is NOT paying Nigerians N30,000 ‘coronavirus relief’

FAKE NEWS ALERT: FG is NOT paying Nigerians N30,000 ‘coronavirus relief’
March 28
15:57 2020

Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman, says the report that Nigerians with bank verification number (BVN) will be given N30,000 as relief fund is false. 

The report, which went viral on Friday, said Adesina issued a statement to that effect. 

The said amount was to help Nigerians “stock up their home during the stay-at-home order by the government”.

As a way of reducing the spread of COVID-19, both federal and state governments placed restrictions on public gathering. 


In a tweet on Saturday, Adesina asked Nigerians to disregard the information. 

“Fake news peddlers have concocted a statement, purportedly issued by me, saying FG will pay N30,000 to each Nigerian with BVN, to help them stock up before an impending national lockdown. Not me. The so-called statement is hereby disclaimed,” he tweeted. 

The pandemic has led to a lockdown in some countries where relief materials are provided for citizens.

Taking on Adesina’s tweet, some Nigerians asked if the government has any plan to help its citizens at this time. 

Below are some responses to Adesina’s tweet:




  1. Nifty
    Nifty March 29, 17:40

    I think i have seen enough and heared enough.What am hearing now is that they will use voters card to go and collect money.Certainlly it will increase the rate of infection if the FG dont kw that let them ask the professionals.
    Please u ppl should do something at least to help we the citizen.that thing you people are protecting is just paper u can print another one
    Since other country are doing it then why cant our country do it

    your citizen
    kosiso igboagui
    [email protected]

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  2. mekoyor
    mekoyor March 30, 09:23

    Nigeria should pay us for stay at home because if the youth is not doing anything that means thief will come and let no police arrest anybody because the government is not ready to help us.thank you

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  3. danny
    danny March 30, 10:03

    i think they have agreed to pay citizens the sum of 8500 to help us in this period

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    • Benteje
      Benteje March 31, 10:53

      Hmm what are day going to do with the money even 200,000 day can pay but we Nigerian have a problem

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  4. Dj Natoski
    Dj Natoski March 31, 07:14

    this country is somthin els
    we should stay at home and eat what? the fg just have to do somthing to help its citizen in this kind of situation
    we stay at home, we die with hunger, we go out for hustlings we contact the virus, so what does the fg want us to do nw?

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  5. Jesus boy
    Jesus boy April 01, 20:17

    Your comment..Nigerians,we lack of good government it’s a pity,stay at home without any provision’s for their citizens.some even working everyday still they can’t feed their families talk less of stay at home with hungry Nigerians please change your mind

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  6. Thompson
    Thompson April 02, 11:41

    What are the federal government folding hands to hear? That 35 people died in Nigeria not from COVID19 but from hunger.
    Lagos 18
    FCT 11
    Osun 6
    Is that what federal government want to see? They better do something else it will come to pass. Am in lagos so I know what am talking about.

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  7. Pope johnpaul
    Pope johnpaul April 03, 21:51

    Omo in this life have money oh or you go suffer. (anyway is a way). Do all it takes to have money.

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