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FAKE NEWS ALERT: UAE did NOT suspend issuance of visa to Nigerians

FAKE NEWS ALERT: UAE did NOT suspend issuance of visa to Nigerians
August 04
13:53 2020

You must have come across social media reports that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) suspended issuance of visa to Nigerians.


Well, do not panic. That is fake news merchants at work.

The reports which emanated from Twitter have been denied by an official of the UAE embassy in Nigeria who spoke to TheCable on Tuesday.



TheCable traced the reports to a Twitter user with the account @Drewbaba, who said UAE’s decision to suspend visa to Nigerians is as a result of the “Hushpuppi effect”, in relation to the Nigerian recently arrested in Dubai for alleged fraud.

Hushpuppi, whose real name is Ramoni Igbalode, was arrested in June, alongside some other Nigerians, including Olalekan Ponle, better known as Woodbery.

The suspects were arrested for crimes allegedly committed outside the UAE, including money laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, impersonation, scamming individuals, banking fraud and identity theft worth Dh1.6 billion (an estimated N168 billion).


Amid fears that Hushpuppi’s arrest could rub off negatively on Nigeria’s image, the Twitter user said on Sunday that the UAE has put on hold the renewal and issuance of various categories of visa to Nigerians.

According to the claimant, in addition to suspending visa issuance and renewal, the Middle-Eastern country also stopped approving permanent residency and tourist visa for Nigerians.

“All previously issues visa invalid,” the user also said, adding that “all visas for those presently in Dubai expires next week”.

He then added a relief window for those stranded, asking them to contact a particular number for assistance.

The tweet, archived here, has since gone viral, generating more than 5,000 reactions. As expected, it has also got people panicking.


But speaking to TheCable over the phone on Tuesday, an official of the UAE embassy in Nigeria said no such policies were issued by the country.

The official said the UAE still issues and renews visa for Nigerians, adding: “I am not aware of such thing is done”.

There is also no such information published either on the embassy’s website or on that of the UAE naturalisation, residency, and ports (NRP) department.



  1. Mohammed
    Mohammed August 08, 05:20

    Why is UAE government denying when the news is correct. UAE Government truelly blocked visas for Nigerians currently.

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    • Kingsley
      Kingsley August 11, 01:44

      Nigeria visas are blocked, my company have tried changing my visa status but is blocked the news is correct they blocked our visas. But what am asking them for is to allow residence and employment visa for those who have job to change there status God bless government of all countries

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  2. Tunie
    Tunie August 10, 20:06

    I have been intending renewing my cancelled residence visa and was informed it has been suspended why and when will it resume as I have less time?

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  3. Kingsolo
    Kingsolo August 13, 08:23

    Am working for a company, and the seriously want to do our paper for us,but Nigerian are blocked,,many companies want to renue our paper but the block our site, seriously is not funny, pls Nigeria embassy should do something about it,many Nigeria want to renew their paper,they should not used mistake of one person and punish many innocent once,

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  4. Dorothy
    Dorothy August 15, 17:55

    It’s very true that UAE has banned Nigeria now for not renew their visa or do visa change and the consequences of this is that we can’t secure job and our Nigeria official in UAE said we’re not banned. This is very bad and our government officials in UAE aren’t ready to help the situation.

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