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Faruk Yahaya: I have first-hand experience in war… I can tackle Nigeria’s insecurity

Faruk Yahaya: I have first-hand experience in war… I can tackle Nigeria’s insecurity
June 15
18:22 2021

Faruk Yahaya, chief of army staff, says he has the required experience to tackle insecurity in the country. 

Yahaya stated this on Tuesday when he appeared for screening before the house of representatives joint committee on defence and army.

The army chief said he had participated in war and peacekeeping in Liberia, adding that with his experience, he can ensure improved security in the country.

“I have brought along with me 36 years of military experience, having joined the army on 27 September, 1985, as a member of 32nd regular course in NDA,” he said.


“I passed out on 2nd September, 1990, and I was posted to the infantry corps as an infantry officer, and since that time, I have passed through all the relevant courses commensurate to my career as I grew up, and I had served in various capacities, including command, staff, instruction and administration, including extracurricular.

“Less than three years ago, we were drafted to Liberia where I had first-hand experience in war, if you would call it so. And finally, my unit was located at Kata town, member of number 16 and for those conversant with that deployment, Kata town was the last deployment of the ECOMOG who were the ones facing Charles Tylor NPFLA there.

“So, all activities including wars and operations, including of course negotiations, were conducted by my unit on behalf of ECOMOG.


“We have severally hosted the United Nations negotiations in Kakata. We have hosted other factional leaders, including Kromah, Johnson, and others in those negotiations. We also fought our way to that end.

“So, if you will, I have first-hand experience, barely three years after my passing out in war and its processes, similar to what we are facing now.

“After that, when we came back to the country, I was also promoted to guards brigade here where I served as platoon commander. So, I am also abreast with the security requirement of Abuja itself and the parade and other requirements that characterised that deployment.

“Subsequently, I grew up in my career to become commanding officer in guards brigade garrison in Abuja here, and so I was involved in all the security requirements of securing Abuja and, particularly, the presidential villa.”


Yahaya said going by his military experience, he is well equipped to tackle the security challenges across the country.

“Looking at my career, I have virtually seen it all. I have seen war in other countries; I have seen how it was done. I was involved also in internal security operations both there and here,” he said.

“Here also, I have been to the north-west like I mentioned, south-south like I mentioned, and to the north-east. The challenges we are facing now are characterised by what I have mentioned. I have first-hand information where I have commanded troops and administered them in achieving what we have done.

“What I brought is the certificate of experience and commitment I have had all across my career. Throughout my career, I have been appointed as at when due. I am determined to provide my best, having known what is required to achieve result.”



  1. Mat Matbure
    Mat Matbure June 16, 00:02

    You Need more than experience to fight this war Sir first is corruption will the right equipment be bought to prosecute the war against insecurity or monies filtered away as has been the case with sub standard weapons bought

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  2. Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam June 16, 09:42

    Congratulations on your numerous experiences. Though I’m not if staying in the camp or Air conditioning office and give order is the same as going to the war front.
    However, Sir, be aware that one of our greatest challenges here is corruption from the top.
    Wish you good luck.

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