Fashola: No amount of good luck can save PDP

Babatunde Fashola, governor of Lagos state, has said that no amount of good luck can save the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from losing out in the March 28 presidential election.

While speaking at 1st the quarter progressive governance session in Imo state on Monday, Fashola said the PDP’s record of public service has a common factor in lies and failure.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there are two common denominators in the record of service of the PDP federal government. The first is failure, and the second is lies,” he said.

“They have failed in their management of the economy and they have been untruthful about how bad the economy is. These numbers are important. They dimension the real difficulty Nigerians are dealing with.


“I expected that when the PDP governors gathered in Lagos on their poorly conceived mis-adventure, they would have spoken about these issues. Instead, they were seeking to stop the use of card readers, which their government approved.

“We recognise the issues in the Nigerian state; we keep a track on them. We have made them the issues in the election, as you will have heard from our presidential candidate and his running mate. No amount of Goodluck can help the PDP escape from these issues.”

He further highlighted the issues with the economy and said the nation cannot continue in the hands of the PDP.


“Fuel queues’ arising from government failure to pay importers is not the way forward. Blaming the opposition for fuel shortage is not the way forward.

“The largest economy in Africa that cannot generate electricity is not the way forward. The avoidable loss of human lives, and the unresolved disappearance of 219 young girls is not the way forward.

“It is the opposite of development. It is the opposite of industrialisation. It is the opposite of job creation. It is the way backwards; it is not the way to continue.”

Fashola likened APC and PDP to David and Goliath in the Bible, saying every Goliath has a stone and APC is the stone of PDP’s Goliath.


“The giant is teetering and about to fall. For every Goliath, there is a stone. The APC is PDP’s stone and the people of Nigeria must rise like David to bring this plundering Goliath down.

“The merger was historic. But it will be more historic if Nigerians elect that merger to office. The people of Nigeria will have taken power by doing so.”

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