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FCMB’s Agency Banking helped solve one of the three major problems in my community

FCMB’s Agency Banking helped solve one of the three major problems in my community
March 26
09:20 2022

Mr Innocent Ekwemoha is a part of the Easy Agent Banking network that brings financial services closer to people in disadvantaged communities across the country. In this Interview, the Aba based Agency Banker shares his success story and how he solved one of the three major problems in his local community.  

Let’s meet you

My name is Mr Innocent Emeka Ekwemoha. I am a businessman.

How was life before venturing into the agency banking service? 


Life was not that bad, but I must tell you that life is much better now with my venturing into the agency banking service.

Why did you venture into agency banking services? 

I ventured into this banking agency service to earn more money and render banking services to the people.


How long have you been an agency banker? 

I have been an agency banker for a couple of years now.

As an agency banking service provider, are you solving problems in your community?  

Since I became an agency banking service provider, I have been solving problems in my community and making money. I am taking the stress off people in my community. They no longer have to take long, expensive, and time-consuming trips to the bank, and they are happy with what I do.


From your experience, how is this different from other businesses in terms of patronage and profitability? 

This is different because I make more profit than the business I was doing before. I also render services to the people at a different level, which they are happy with.

Is there an achievement you are most proud of as an agency banker? 

Yes, I can point to many achievements since I ventured into this agency banking business. The most important is that I have been able to relocate from my previous business location due to expansion. I have also been paying my bills with ease since I began this business with FCMB.


Has this business increased your income and standard of living? 

I must honestly tell you that levels have changed for me since I joined this agency banking business. I have expanded my business, and capital inflow has increased within this period I have been in this business.


Do you think it is essential to have a bank account, an ATM Card, and access to micro-credit from a bank? 

Yes, it is necessary. Let me use myself as an example. I have all these things you have mentioned, and they are greatly helping me in my business transactions. The same thing happens to anybody with all these. That is why I encourage people to open bank accounts, obtain an ATM, and access micro-credit from a bank.


Do you agree with the point of view – no money, no problem? 

No money, no problem, I don’t know how to explain it, but all I know is that there are problems that would occur even when you don’t have money. For instance, some problems will not ask you whether you have money or not before approaching you. For example, illnesses will not knock on the door before coming. It is the same thing with feeding one’s family and training the children, which are necessary things one must do as far as he is alive. Feeding and taking care of your children does not know whether you have money. So, people should always strive to earn money legally.


What do you regard as the cause of financial difficulties facing people in your community?  

In my community, the cause of financial difficulties facing people is a lack of nearness to financial institutions, lack of accessible roads, and electricity. However, since I became an FCMB agency banker, the first problem has been frontally tackled. We are waiting for the government to do the needful regarding the other issues that I believe will soon be over.

What do you think every agency banker should know about the Easy Network?

Every agency banker should know about Easy Network because it is very easy and fast to use. You can make use of it wherever you are at any given time. It’s a mobile agent transaction that you can make use of. It saves you the stress of going to the bank. With your phone, you can transact the needed banking business right in the comfort of your home.

What advice can you give to others in this business? 

They should be security conscious. And most importantly, they should be honest and always show kindness and love to their customers.


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