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FCT minister orders psychiatric test for traffic offenders

FCT minister orders psychiatric test for traffic offenders
October 05
18:02 2016

Muhammad Bello, minister of the federal capital territory (FCT), has directed the city’s police command to arrest and take traffic offenders to a psychiatric hospital for immediate test.


The minister gave this directive in a statement issued by Muhammad Sule, his chief press secretary, on Wednesday.

He also directed the FCT health and human services secretariat to make ambulances available at traffic interchanges to convey any motorist arrested by the police to the hospital for the psychiatry test.

“Malam Bello instructed the police to also permanently station the speed bikes provided by the inspector-general of police at various traffic intersections for the purposes of sternly enforcing the directive,” the statement read.


“He remarked that the bills for the psychiatry test and administrative processes should be borne by the erring motorists to serve as a deterrent.

“The minister further instructed that if the arrested motorist is certified to be all right and medically fit by the psychiatric doctors, then the culprit should be prosecuted to face the consequences of his/her bizarre action.

“Malam Bello has thus directed the police to immediately commence the exercise.


“The Nigeria police force has already deployed very senior officers within the ranks of assistant superintendent of police and inspectors to man the speed bikes to ensure high level of discipline from them to curb impunity and work in disciplined, efficient and effective manner.”


  1. Sun2002
    Sun2002 October 06, 02:17

    This minister must be living in a Banana Republic. I will like to know where the minister gets his legislative or judiciary power for him to have ordered psychology test for traffic offenders. The minister should read the Nigetian constitution. There is no where in the constitution that grants him or the president such power. Only the court has the power to impose treatment on anyone. Minister, please stop issuing order that could land you in jail and or cause you your job.

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  2. Typolsky
    Typolsky October 21, 11:35

    With this law and power that the minister has given to FRSC VIO they have made a team with the police and are taking advantage of it to arrest innocent people that are not running the traffic lights and harassing the good citizens just to get money which isn’t right esp now that the economy is hard. Something needs to be done it’s either the put cameras at all the traffic lights or make sure that the person actually ran traffic light.

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