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Femi Adesina: Nigerians not happy with Buhari? Where are the facts?

Femi Adesina: Nigerians not happy with Buhari? Where are the facts?
October 24
09:01 2016

Femi Adesina, special adviser to the president on media and publicity, does not agree that Nigerians are unhappy with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking with Osasu Igbinedion on The Osasu Show, Adesina said anyone who says Nigerians are unhappy with Buhari is guilty of “over-generalisation” — unless such claim is backed by “empirical facts”.

When told that Nigerians are suffering and are not happy with the Buhari government, Adesina said: “Well, I would just say that person is guilty of over-generalisation. When you say Nigerians, where are the facts? It is not empirical.

“What research has he conducted, how many Nigerians did he talk to? How many responded this way, how many responded that way? It is not scientific, it is not empirical. It is not true.

“I tell you, millions  upon millions of Nigerians are with this administration, they are with this president, they believe in him, they believe he would bring change to the country, and they are willing to wait till that change touches different aspect of our lives.”

Adesina said change had come to the northeast, and highlighted the progress that had already been recorded in the region.

“Of course, in different areas of our national life, we have seen the change. For instance, don’t you trust your government now, particularly the government at the centre? You trust the government.

“That was why fuel prices changed, went as high as N145 per litre, and all hell didn’t break loose, because people trusted the leadership: he is doing this in our own interest.

“A number of people think change is when the naira exchanges one to one to the dollar; it would be a good change. We will get there. That can never happen by a sudden flight; we’ll get there.

“The economy will pick up. We are in recession now, we will exit it and things will get better but it needs patience. The promises that have been made to Nigerians, we would need patience before we can inherit the promise.”

Buhari had said while in Germany, that his wife, Aisha Buhari belongs in the kitchen, the living room and the other room.

But Adesina declined to address the president’s comment on his wife because “that has been well taken care of”.

“It is not something I would talk about,” he said, although he added that his own wife is a professional who belongs to every room — not just the kitchen, living room and the other room.

“They [the rooms] exist in every home,” he said. “My wife belongs to every room. My wife is a professional, she works.”

He urged those talking of a cabal in Buhari’s government to name members of the cabal. He also spoke on the recent raid of judges home by the Department of States Security (DSS).

“The DSS is an independent arm of our security agencies, they saw what was needful,” he said.

“The DSS, among others, is to act against anything that can threaten the security of the state, and you know corruption in the judiciary [is] a big threat to the state,  and so the DSS moved against it.”

Adesina said those making all sorts of allegations had “eaten sour grapes” and “their teeth are set on edge”. He added that the fact that the PDP “ate sour grapes, their teeth must be set on edge”.


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  1. Chris
    Chris October 24, 09:24

    This guy must be living in a different country, Must he defend the indifensible?He should come out from his high mountain to feel the pulse of Nigerians. People are dying on daily basis from hunger. Many have lost their jobs and he is there still defending this government. There is general despondency all over the land. Any way, until the day they see a bloody revolution in this country, they will not wake up from this self deceit.

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  2. Femi
    Femi October 24, 09:26

    Femi, E be like say your friends no dey tell you the truth. Tell oga to give you time off unannounced and hit the streets by yourself disguised to see korokoro and hear well well by yourself. No be dem say now.

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  3. austinelagos
    austinelagos October 24, 09:30

    I dont blame you, is because APC were able to finger EDO STATE election; if not so , if you people loose gallantly you will know masses are angry with you and your boss.

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  4. goodman
    goodman October 24, 12:47

    Femi is saying what his paymasters want to hear and u can not blame him because if he says the truth and they sack him will u employ him.

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  5. goodman
    goodman October 24, 13:04

    That was exactly what Abati was telling us while holding sway in jonathans government.

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  6. segee
    segee October 24, 15:25

    Your comment..may God help our nation

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  7. jojo
    jojo October 24, 15:59

    I can’t believe Femi could pretend not to know that millions of Nigerians are tired and sick of this government.

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  8. tedeo
    tedeo October 24, 16:12

    It goes to show how disconnected this government is from the people, otherwise he (Femi) would know millions are tired and sick of this government, so so informed his Boss.

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  9. ojonla
    ojonla October 25, 05:05

    I can only against this government if things were the way it was before. No bombing of pipelines, selling of crude oil at $150 per barrel and enough money in our foreign reserve and internal account.
    To Nigerians stop the hatred,tribalism and religious bigotry

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  10. WALE
    WALE October 25, 07:18

    “When you say nigerians are suffering, where are the facts” This man seems to be very intelligent in his presentation. We are not comfortable about the situation of the country yet we kept mum. We all took to the street to protest fuel increment during jonathan’s regime. Possibly femi is blind and can’t see. Simple protest will tell the world at large that nigerians are suffering.

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  11. Isaacson
    Isaacson October 25, 09:08

    Feeemi, Feeemi, Feeemi, how many times did I call you? It looks like you are not in this country. Go to your village and conduct a interview for 10 persons and come back to say what you are saying.

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  12. mondray
    mondray October 25, 13:29


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  13. Maawitemi
    Maawitemi October 25, 19:54

    I think Femi Adesina should ask the wife of the President. She knows more than Femi about this, and she expressed the same sentiments. Is that not the essence of her BBC interview?

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