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Femi Adesina: It will get to a point when Buhari will disclose his health status

Femi Adesina: It will get to a point when Buhari will disclose his health status
February 05
22:14 2017

Femi Adesina, special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity, says it will get to a point when his principal would disclose his health status “if it has to be disclosed”.

Speaking on Sunday Politics, a programme on Channels Television, Adesina said knowing the actual health condition the president has been treating is not compulsory.

Explaining that all the information he has on the president’s health had been released, he said what Buhari needs from Nigerians at the moment is prayers.

Adesina said known to be a straightforward person, Buhari would not fail to disclose his condition to the citizens if the need arises.


“I am sure it will get to a point when the president has to disclose the status of his health if it needs to be disclosed,” he said.

“If it’s something serious enough to disclose, I am sure he will disclose it.”

He explained that he could not disclose the nature of health challenge the president is dealing with because he was not aware.


“The president is the one who can release his own health status,” he said.

“The day he left, we still spoke. He didn’t tell me ‘this is my condition’. He told me he was going to rest and he would do medicals and that was included in the statement we released.”

Responding to a question on when Buhari would return, Adesina said: “If there was a date he would return, it would have been in that statement.

“But the issue now is (that) there is no vacuum in government. No lacuna because power has been transferred to the vice-president who is acting president.


“So, Mr President can take the time he desires and when his doctors give him a clean bill of health, he then can return home.”

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  1. Panyil Benshak
    Panyil Benshak February 06, 09:58

    The president should speak to the nation. Nigerians are way passed that now. If he is deceased, Ngeria can take it. But he better not be dead.

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