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LIST: 126 civilians killed in Rann bombing — families yet to be compensated

LIST: 126 civilians killed in Rann bombing — families yet to be compensated
March 27
11:53 2017

On January 17, 2017, the skies above Rann, the headquarters of Kala Balge local government area, went from blue to red, as 126 civilian were killed by the Nigerian military in an accidental air operation.

A day after the accidental bombing, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international humanitarian non-governmental organisation, said an estimated 50 people were killed and about 120 injured.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said the airstrike killed and wounded scores of people, including twenty aid workers from the Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS).

Babagana Malarima, chairman of Kala Balge local government as at the time of the bombing, initially said 236 people had died in the attack, but later revised the figures, stating that the figures available to him were a lump sum of injured and killed persons.

Lucky Irabor, a major general and theatre commander of the operation Lafiya Dole, said 112 persons were killed and 97 injured in the accidental bombing.

TheCable however learnt from locals, that 126 people died on the first day of the accidental bombing, while another 108 persons sustained various degrees of injury. Some others have died in the days following the attack, but none, not a single household has been compensated for the military misnomer.

Here is a list of all those who died from the very first day of the attack:

S/NNames of the deceasedVillageGender
1Koshe KuramaBula AminbeFemale
2Mohammed KuraBula AminbeMale
3Eli GamboDaimaMale
4Gadu Mallum EliDaimaMale
5Hassan AbukarDaimaMale
6Bundi M. AlhajiDaimaMale
7Abba Numa MallamDaimaMale
8Abakar KosheDaimaMale
9Ali Kawu BabaganaDaimaMale
10Ya Fati Baba GanaDaimaFemale
11Ya Aji MallamDaimaFemale
12Abba MalamDaimaMale
13Gambo MallamDaimaMale
14Khadija MallamDaimaFemale
15Abakar Abba ZaraDaimaMale
16Adam M. UmarDaimaMale
17Kachalla Abba KuramaDaimaMale
18Waziri Mallam DifanDaimaMale
19Mohammed Abba DamDaimaMale
20Modu Gambo MainaDaimaMale
21Mohammadu Mohd NguroDaimaMale
22Mohammed AlkelluTatakuraMale
23Abdullahi ImarSabkaraMale
24Eli AbbaAsheMale
25Abakar Abba KimeKarcheMale
26Abba Umar Abba AliKarcheMale
27Garba Abba ZaramiKarcheMale
28Abakar MairamKarcheMale
29Abba Bura DunnaKarcheMale
30Abba Liman Abba MalumKarcheMale
31Bukar Abba MalumKarcheMale
32Fanne MallumKarcheFemale
33Mohammed Mai AbbaKarcheMale
34Shettima AliKarcheMale
35Ashe KuramaKarcheFemale
36Mohammed Shitta AlimboSidekirMale
37Mammade Mohammed ShittaSidekirMale
38Mohammed Sheikh M. ShittaSidekirMale
39Abubakar TijjaniSidekirMale
40Abakar Adam Al-KelluSidekirMale
41Kaka Bulama AdamBakariMale
42Zanna KhalidAsabaMale
43Said UmarAsabaMale
44Isa Mallum MohammadZuwaMale
45Kayiya AbanaSigalFemale
46Hassana KayiyaSigalMale
47Abu Said KayiyaSigalMale
48OC KaliyabaSigalMale
49Maram KaiyiyaSigalFemale
50Mohammed Kura AbbaBudulMale
51Buluma KontomaBudulMale
52Adam M. ModuBudulMale
53Isa M. BukarBudulMale
54Konto AbisoBudulMale
55Yakime BukarBudulFemale
56Mallam AbanaBudulMale
57Iyasa Goni BulamaNboroFemale
58Modu NboroNboroMale
59Grema MohammedTunishMale
60Modu Mallam AbisoTunishMale
61Mallum Abba AliTunishMale
62Bunu Abba AliTunishMale
63Abba KuraMakandiriMale
64Ya Malum Abba KuramaMakandiriFemale
65Abba Numa AlhajiMakandiriMale
66Attah AlhajiMakandiriFemale
67Modu ChuliMakandiriMale
68Ya Kellu AbbaMakandiriFemale
69Isa AbbaMakandiriMale
70Ya Ndugbo Mallam MusaMakandiriFemale
71Kaka Modu Modu JalaMakandiriMale
72Kellu Kaka ModuMakandiriFemale
73Fanne AliMakandiriFemale
74Abande MohammedMakandiriMale
75Zara TijjaniMakandiriFemale
76Jibrin Mai BukarMakandiriMale
77Imam Ganama A. BukarMakandiriMale
78Jidda YusufMakandiriMale
79Fanna ModuMakandiriFemale
80Kellu  KuramaMakandiriMale
81Fanna IbrahimMakandiriFemale
82Mallam Abdullahi  HusainiDugumasheMale
83Aiso JalomiDugumasheFemale
84Adam AtombeDugumasheMale
85Fanne KabirJiweFemale
86Jabba KabirJiweFemale
87Hassan AdungusBabajalkiMale
88Kellu Mai SabaAmsaburuFemale
89Halimata KaragumaAmsaburuFemale
90Zanna A. RamatAmsaburuMale
91Sale Mai SabaAmsaburuMale
92Mallamu Mai Alhaji JangoAmsaburuMale
93Halimatu  JangoAmsaburuMale
94Mustapha KoriTilamMale
95Baba Mustapha Abba RawaTilamMale
96Zarami Baba GanaTilamMale
97Aishe Baba GanaBulaganaMale
98Mallam Hashimi Mohd.  KotokoKalaMale
99Baba Modu Mamman KotokoKalaMale
100Mallum Bana Mallum AmsamiKalaMale
101Husaini Mallam  IsaKalaMale
102Mallam Isa IdrisaKalaMale
103Bana AborKalaMale
104Hassana GamboKalaMale
105Abdullahi Baba ShehuKalaMale
106Alhaji Ali UsmanKalaMale
107Baba Modu UsmanKalaMale
108Mohammed Mallam Abba GremaRannMale
109Dina Baba GanaRannMale
110Baba KamsulumRannMale
111Malarima Abba NgubdoRannMale
112Gujja Abba GulgumRannMale
113Bana  MasuRannMale
114Hussaini Mallam  MusaRannMale
115Abakar Malam TijjaniSidagariMale
116Kurama LiseMale
OthersSeven Red Cross members and three MSF staff

Red Cross says only six of its members were killed, while MSF insists that none of its staff were killed, further stating that those who died were contract staff.


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