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Football match lasts 90 minutes — but Arsenal fans’ reaction to it lasts for 11 years

Football match lasts 90 minutes — but Arsenal fans’ reaction to it lasts for 11 years
August 20
09:49 2018

Wenger was the problem. 

Arsene was the reason why there was division in the fan base.

He was the reason why the Emirates Stadium was empty.

He was the reason why fans were losing their heads and being abusive to the players. Once he leaves, the fan base will be united again. AFTV will become a proper fan channel with positive messages and not money chasing low lives who don’t care about the club.


Wenger is gone. The THICKOS remain. Sadly.

There is a new manager. There is a different style of play. There are five new players amongst the squad. There is a different team trying to do things differently. It will take time.

But No. THICKOS don’t like time.

The boring and meaningless criticisms ranges from ‘same old same old’ to wanting the manager out.

What is upsetting me the most are the people who reacts to these THICKOS on social media.

Starting with AFTV. Block them. Ignore them. Don’t talk about them. Don’t engage.

It will take time but they will soon be gone. If we do all of those things.

AFTV’s asset conversion circle includes your attention. Deny them that and their business model and money generation goes up in smoke.

I know we live in a world where idiots outnumber reasonable people but still, the reasonable people can often make a difference.

It is sickening when Arsenal fans query the manager’s starting 11 for his first competitive game. What qualifies you as a fan to criticize a football manager’s selection? Seeing same player in a pre season friendly? Reputation? Or your arrogance fuelled ego?

If these THICKOS were querying Wenger’s selection, I will understand. Familiarity already bred contempt. The great man could do nothing right in the eyes of morons. But hasn’t Unai Emery at least earned the right for THICKOS to wait and see? Apparently not. THICKOS don’t do time.

A football game lasts for 90 minutes and a little bit on top. But Arsenal fans start moaning from 60 minutes before the referee blows the starting whistle and continue for 11 years thereafter. The losses to City and Chelsea have been blamed on the Emirates Stadium move, the purchase of the club by Kroenke and letting Vieira go and not replacing him.  Ridiculous bunch.

The two goals Arsenal conceded against City and the three against Chelsea have absolutely nothing to do with the ‘kicking the ball out of the back’ style of play Unai Emery has adopted. ZERO. NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT.

In fact, Unai Emery’s style of play is aptly captured by the Iwobi goal. Look for it on the internet and watch it and drool over it. From Cech kicking it out of the back (twice) to Iwobi scattering the Stamford Bridge net, none of our opponents had a sniff of the ball. ZERO SNIFF.

The Five goals we have conceded so far were out of defensive frailties that need to be ironed out. In my opinion a team that wants to go on the attack is vulnerable to being picked off by opponents. That is what has happened with some of the five goals we have conceded.

The moaning was unbelievable after we conceded two against Chelsea yesterday but the 180 degrees swing in the comments was unbelievable and ridiculous. Why cant humans learn consistency, balance and to be dispassionate despite experiencing a game that we all agree can be emotional but also fickle.

You won’t die by holding on a bit to your more extreme thoughts will you?

Xhaka is shit. Ozil is rubbish. Both go out and intensity of the team drops. Coincidence? Or maybe you don’t know as much football as you think  you do.

Yes we lost. A game has three outcomes. Win, draw or loss. But the analysis of a game is neither binary nor straightforward. Neither should your observations be binary. We have seen many instances of the better team not winning a football game. Yes they might have lost but it doesn’t change the positives from their games and the negatives even.

If you aim to be a football analyst anybody will want to listen to, try and balance your comments and take away the emotions.

Do not over react to any type of results. Don’t forget that no matter how much you think you know, you can never know more than the shittiest manager. It is impossible. The information available to him or her will never be available to you. Criticize all you want but recognize you are coming from a place where the information available to you is limited.

Baba Grumpy works in financial services in the United Kingdom. He blogs mostly about football at His Twitter handle is @BabaGrumpy


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