Fubara to Rivers assembly members: You don’t exist… I determine your existence

Siminalaya Fubara, Rivers state governor Siminalaya Fubara, Rivers state governor

Siminialayi Fubara, governor of Rivers, says the existence of members of the state house of assembly is based on his recognition.

Fubara spoke on Monday when some political and traditional leaders from Bayelsa state visited him at the government house in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers.

The Rivers governor said members of the state assembly do not “exist”, adding that he decided to “give them a floating” through a peace deal initiated by President Bola Tinubu.

Fubara said he accepted the peace accord on the understanding that there was a relationship between him and members of the state house of assembly.


The Rivers governor said he has shown restraint in the political crisis rocking the state despite his powers, adding that the other party did not show such.

He lamented that daily, his supporters suffer intimidation and attacks in the state.

“Those group of men who claim they are our assembly members are not assembly members — they are not existing,” Fubara said.


“I want it to be on record. I accepted that peace accord to give them a floating. That is the truth.

“There was nothing in that peace accord that is a constitutional issue. It is a political solution to a problem.

“It has gotten to a time when I have to make a statement that they are not existing.

“Their existence is me allowing them to exist. If I de-recognise them, they are nowhere.”



In the past few months, members of the Rivers state assembly and Fubara have been at loggerheads.

In October 2023, the assembly commenced impeachment proceedings against the governor.

The impeachment notice was later withdrawn in December 2023.


On several occasions, the assembly has overridden the decision of Fubara not to sign certain bills passed by the lawmakers led by Martin Amaewhule, the speaker.

In January, the Rivers assembly overrode the decision of Fubara not to assent to four bills earlier passed by the lawmakers.


In March, the assembly again overrode Fubara on the passage of some bills.

In April, the assembly did the same for the local government amendment bill.


On Monday, the assembly overrode the Rivers governor on the passage of the public procurement amendment bill.

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