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FULL LIST: Africa records 2,475 coronavirus cases, 64 deaths in 46 countries

FULL LIST: Africa records 2,475 coronavirus cases, 64 deaths in 46 countries
March 25
21:44 2020

Africa has recorded a total of 2,475 confirmed cases of coronavirus across 46 countries.


According to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (AfricaCDC), as of Wednesday evening, out of the total 2,475 cases, the continent has recorded 64 deaths and 203 recoveries.

Below is the full list:

Central  Africa (145 cases, five deaths, three recoveries):


Cameroon 70 cases, one death, three recoveries

Central African Republic five cases

Chad three cases


Congo four cases

Democratic Republic of Congo 48 cases, three deaths, one recovery

Equatorial Guinea nine cases

Gabon six cases, one death



East Africa (193 cases, three deaths, four recoveries):

Djibouti 11 cases

Eritrea one case


Ethiopia 12 cases, four recoveries

Kenya 25 cases

Madagascar 19 cases

Mauritius 48 cases, 2 deaths


Rwanda 40 cases

Seychelles Seven cases

Somalia One case

Sudan Three cases, one death

Tanzania 12 cases

Uganda 14 cases


North Africa (953 cases, 47 deaths, 164 recoveries):

Algeria 264 cases, 19 deaths, 77 recoveries

Egypt 402 cases, 20 deaths, 80 recoveries

Libya One case

Mauritania Two cases

Morocco 170 cases, five deaths, six recoveries

Tunisia 114 cases, three deaths, one recovery


Southern Africa (740 cases, one death, 12 recoveries):

Angola Two cases

Eswatini Five cases

Mozambique Three cases

Namibia Six cases

South Africa 709 cases, 12 recoveries

Zambia 12 cases

Zimbabwe Three cases, one recovery


West Africa (444 cases, eight deaths, 20 recoveries)

Benin Five cases

Burkina Faso 114 cases, four deaths, five recoveries

Cape Verde Three cases

Côte d’lvoire 73 cases, three recoveries

Gambia Three cases, one death

Ghana 68 cases, two deaths, one recovery

Guinea Four cases

Guinea-Bissau 2 cases

Liberia Three cases

Mali Two cases

Niger Two cases

Nigeria 46 cases, one death, two recoveries

Senegal 99 cases, eight recoveries

Togo 20 cases, one recovery

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