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Go on, love yourself!

Go on, love yourself!
February 06
12:48 2018

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“If you don’t know how to find love within you, you’ll never find it outside you”

February! Store decorations have officially changed from colorful lights and shimmery bells to red roses and silk.

The festivities begin in a new way. It’s the season of love.

Some say it is this uncontrollable feeling that sweeps you off your feet and makes you lose control of all rational thinking, hence the idea of ‘falling’ in love.

‘Someday’ he says. ‘I hope to find love’.

Others say Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience.

The strange thing is, we all cannot completely define and absolutely describe what love is.

It is a practice. It is not something you find or don’t find. You can practice love for the rest of your life.

How? Begin with you.

Self -love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Love is an emotion in action. You can learn how to feel and cultivate your love.

Be mindful of yourself. What you think. How you feel. What is important to you? Take time to know who you are and act on this knowledge.

Love is rational and can only exist when interaction is based on truth, trust and respect.

If the other person gives you what you give, then love becomes mutual and it can grow.

Set Boundaries! Learn to say no to activities, work or people that harm you emotionally, physically or spiritually.

You have the ability and right to fall out of a love that’s wrong for you!

You deserve to be respected, honored, seen and heard.

Protect your personal space. Guard your heart. Bring the right people into your life. Do it now.

That’s what time it is.

Go on, love yourself!

Remember Freedom is Peace; Optimism is Nature; Action is always within reach. BE MORE!

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