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God, fasting and prayer can make Nigeria great, Okupe tells Osinbajo

God, fasting and prayer can make Nigeria great, Okupe tells Osinbajo
May 26
10:37 2017

Doyin Okupe, former special assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on public affairs, says “God, fasting and prayer can certainly make Nigeria great”.


On Wednesday, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo had said that Nigeria cannot grow solely on the prayers and fasting of its citizens.

“No matter how much you pray and fast, our country cannot grow without some of us deciding to do the hard work that makes nations work,” Osinbajo had said.

But Okupe took to Twitter to disagree with what the acting president.


He said though there is no substitute for hard work, “that alone cannot make a nation great”.

“I beg to disagree with VP. Yes there is no substitute for hard work but that alone can’t make a nation great. But God, fasting and prayer certainly will,” he wrote.

“We can neither limit the extent of God’s power nor can we compartmentalise his area of influence. God is sovereign.


“Jehoshaphats army did not have to fight. They did not lift a finger. God fought their battles. They did not have to lift a finger yet had victory.”


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  1. SikaySan
    SikaySan May 26, 16:13

    Okupe’s mentality is one of the reasons why we are in this mess today. I believe God can do all things but would deliberately not do certain things because he has given us dominion over those things. He has equipped us with wisdom, knowledge, and material resources to accomplish these things, so he wouldn’t do them for us. For example, God has provided us with many resources that even most of the middle eastern countries never had, and yet these countries are better than us in all aspects (socio-economic). Asking God to make our country good when all our actions are in contrary is hypocritical. And when the prayer is unanswered we blame God.

    The Acting President, Mr. ‘Yemi Osinbajo is right for saying only fasting and prayer cannot bring Nigeria out of its current state of economic quagmire. He is right for saying hardwork with prayer would do. God has given us the intellects, it is how we use it that determines whether we would prosper or not. He has given us the natural resources to make wealth, it is our duty to use them well for the good of the nation.

    So our case is like a hungry man whom God has provided with various kinds of raw food materials. All that this hungry man needs to do is to cook any of these food stuff and eat. But rather than do this, he raises his hands in prayer asking God to bless him with food. I say this man is foolish and would die of hunger unless he did the needful. God does not encourage laziness even though He wants us to depend on him. Such is our case in Nigeria.

    Okupe’s reasoning is one of denial of truth, and one that shy away from it. It is a reasoning of a person that refuses to accept responsibility for failing the country when the opportunity arose for him to contribute his quota. Okupe’s ‘inclination’ to God is deceitful, surprising, and hypocritical, judging by the array of corruption allegations hanging on the neck of the administration under which he served. The likes of the reasoning from Okupe is why the Western Worlds keep laughing at us. We are beginning to believe that African leaders create this system of belief so that they can continue to enslave their subjects. It is hypocritical for someone like Okupe to claim to know God, because by their actions we shall know them. I would advise Mr. Okupe to concentrate on laundering his reputation which has been so battered by his participation in the last administration (Goodluck Jonathan’s), rather than acting holier-than-thou.

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