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Northern coalition gives governors 30-day ultimatum to adopt Ruga

Northern coalition gives governors 30-day ultimatum to adopt Ruga
July 04
10:21 2019

The coalition of northern groups (CNGs) has issued a strong warning to governors who are opposed to the Ruga settlement programme to reconsider their decision within 30 days.

The federal government had announced the suspension of the Ruga initiative it proposed to resolve the clashes between farmers and herdsmen.

This was after the controversy that had trailed the project since it was announced in June. While some governors welcomed it, others had said it could lead to more attacks on communities.

But during a press briefing on Wednesday, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, its spokesperson, said the dispute with respect to the program is already provoking resentment among herders who are of Fulani extraction.


He also warned about the consequences that would follow if herders are not allowed “to enjoy their citizens’ rights of living and flourishing”.

“While we warn all state governments that stand against the implementation of the RUGA Initiative to desist and give peace a chance, we place President Buhari and the Federal Government on notice that they must completely stop this raging madness within 30-days beginning from today, Wednesday,” he said.

“For the avoidance of doubt we advice the federal authorities and the southern leaders to heed the 30-day notice failing which we must definitely be led with no option than to consider resorting into our decisive line of action.


“We remind the nation that so long as the Fulani will not be allowed to enjoy their citizens’ rights of living and flourishing in any parts of this country including the south, no one should expect us to allow any southerner to enjoy the same in northern Nigeria.”


  1. Emma
    Emma July 04, 11:34

    Nobody is stopping you to live and flourish in any part of the country. The business place of the southerners in the north, was it paid for by the federal government. Buy ur own plot Fence it and do ur business.

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    • Tola
      Tola July 04, 12:33

      This is as simple as A-B-C!!! I mean what sort of entitlement is this??? And they are even issuing threats on top of their demand. Smh

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