Govs ask Buhari to share $1.6bn from NLNG tax

Govs ask Buhari to share $1.6bn from NLNG tax
June 23
14:00 2015

Governors of the 36 states have advised President Muhammadu Buhari to share the tax of the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) to resolve the financial crisis facing them.

Over 20 states are currently unable to pay salaries as a result of a sharp fall in oil revenue.

“Instead of NLNG paying $1.6 billion to the federal government, we requested that it be paid to the federation account so that it could be shared amongst the three tiers of government, so that we can also get money to do one or two things,” Abdulazeez Yari, governor of Zamfara state and chairman of the Nigerian governors forum, said at the end of a meeting with Buhari on Tuesday.

“We proposed to Mr. President that instead of being given bail out, ‎that the funds for jobs, projects that were done by the states should be refunded by the federal government. If the affected states can get the refund, they can start paying salaries without bail out.


“Secondly, we also brought to his notice that most of the loans owed by the state, some between four and seven years, if it can be stretched to 20 years, the states will be relieved and would be able to continue other businesses including paying salaries.

“Also, we urged the president to follow the constitution when it comes to money sharing. Section 80 is very clear. That all monies should go to the Consolidated Revenue Account ‎for the purpose, no account should be kept anywhere because this is what the constitution says.

“And Section‎ 162 also is self-explanatory, that whatever is going to happen to the money will be after sharing to the three tiers of government. That the NNPC or any other revenue generating agency should not have the first line charges.”


Apart from the governors of Bayelsa and Plateau states, who were represented at the meeting, the other 34 governors attended.

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  1. Djay Sam
    Djay Sam June 23, 17:15

    So these people have come to realise that they are in crisis yet some of them were still buying helicopters?? Why not start by selling Luxury stuff they bought in the state name first before asking for money!
    We have been talking about change,is this the beginning of this change????

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