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We made mistakes… please forgive us, Gowon begs Oloibiri

We made mistakes… please forgive us, Gowon begs Oloibiri
October 21
09:01 2016

Yakubu Gowon, former military head of state of Nigeria, has apologised to Niger Delta communities for the neglect they have suffered in the hands of the successive governments.

Gowon, who was the special guest of honour at the premiere of ‘Oloibiri’, a movie about the Niger Delta, urged the government across all levels to be humble enough to dialogue with aggrieved people.

“Watching through the movie, I cannot help but feel with the plight of Oloibori and all other oil-producing communities and their people in the land,” he said.

“I agree that the movie mirrors a clear manifestation of the collective negligence and failure of leadership in successive governments in our country.

“Looking back today, I must confess here that the people of Oloibiri have felt badly neglected and of course, they are hurt.

“We must, however, acknowledge as a nation and as a people that along the way, we have made mistakes. Clearly, Oloibiri community has not been treated fairly; they deserve or sympathy, consideration, and collective resolve to develop this once vibrant community.”

The 82-year-old Plateau indigene also urged the government to seek ways of redressing the wrongs of the past.

“I move as a former head of state to offer the nation’s profound regrets and my personal apology to the good people of Oloibiri with the prayers to the present and future government at all levels in the land to work towards redressing the wrongs of the past to these people.

“I also request the people of Oloibiri to forgive the oversight and mistakes of the government and the corporate government of Nigeria.”

“I have great faith in our youth in the Delta region. The future is yours; if you keep it whole, you will be able to build a better country than we would leave to you today. It is up to you to love your country, defend it whether good or bad but try to make it right.

“In the Delta region, do not go on destroying all these facilities that you would need to develop. For God’s sake, stop doing that, because you are hurting yourself and you are hurting the nation as a whole.”

The movie premiere, which held on Thursday at the Muson centre,Onikan, had dignitaries like Onyeka Onwenu, Chris Anyaoku, Olu Jacobs and Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, in attendance.


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  1. Kalu
    Kalu October 21, 09:30

    Yes. He used them to fight the “rebels”, took away their resources and gave away Bakasi to Cameroon yet abandoned them. Now they have realised though too late that they have lost everything and are now blowing up pipelines. Let’s see how far his apologies will go.

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  2. Bee
    Bee October 21, 11:31

    This could just be the beginning of an unending apologies, as those who so despise their citizens to the extent of committing genocide of over 2 million fellow compatriots in a senseless civil war, in other to prevent a map they never participated in drawing from looking funny, will have nothing at the end of the day to offer the people other than apologies.

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  3. Dr Biks
    Dr Biks October 21, 18:14

    Gen Gowon has helped bell the cat properly. I will like the remaining leaders follow suite and make amends for the future survival of Nigeria.
    And hence forth, Nigerians should stop reaping where they do not sow or else what’s happening now, may become even worse.
    As for our brothers/sisters in those communities, please sheath your sword and listen to wisdom of dialogue.

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  4. bencastor
    bencastor October 22, 07:15

    This is a great leader that Nigeria miss for a long, Gen,Yakubu Gowon is a good leader with strongly love for people of great nation, with one mind, despite the fact that some igbos are saying that he fight them, but for my view,Gen yakubu gowon has noting doing of fightening our great people igbos, he has love for igbos, remember, he is a close friend to Gn,Ojukwu and pay his last respect on his burial day, to Readdressing my people igbos, please Gn, Gowon is not a bad person, he break record as a Nelson Mandela.

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  5. Godde
    Godde October 24, 07:11

    It’s a Niger-Delta regional eco-system that was degraded and damaged beyond repair. My concern is that, our past leaders, a-z are still included in the present opened Robbery/sharing of our National Cake signed into law by our National Assembly in the form of Political Salaries/Benefits. This time under presidency, including former presidents and Former Heads of state are receiving the Bogus Benefits in several Millions Every 30 Days as pension. They are all members of National Executive Council. None of them has condemned the present political salaries despite the Economic Depression facing the National. While, they are taking millions/month, the minimum wage remains #18,000.00. How much is a bag of Rice ? Do We go to different markets ? Do we send our children to different schools ? What kind of apology is that ? Apologies without solutions? Your Excellency Sir, it’s time the Executive Council presides on our basic demand which is Redistributions of our Revenue to Equilibrium or something near each other. Not where 1 person earns over 30 millions/month and the least person earns zero. That is more than corruption/frauds. We are all Nigerians and Equal b4 our Constitution.
    You lived in England/London 4 many years and you are a witness to their practices. There’s welfare system, where everyone gets something every month for his upkeep. WHAT company/companies does British government manages apart from governance ? Here our govt is running everything and making losses 24/7 due to corruption and you all knew this. Your group continue to receive multimillions/month and nothing 4 the ordinary man who has the same head as you ppl. This is Era if information. The world is watching. We will remain one of the most corrupt Nations in the world until we embark on a genuine change to balanced this Income disparities. Thanks

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