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Group hits analyst over attack on Zainab Abiola

Group hits analyst over attack on Zainab Abiola
September 20
01:33 2020

The International Front Against Corruption has criticised Ochanja Obayuana, a public affairs analyst, who attacked Zainab Abiola, counsel to Ibrahim Magu.


In a statement, Adewale Olatokunbo, coordinator of the group, wondered why Obayuana attacked the lawyer who represented suspended chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) at a presidential panel sitting.

In an interview with TheCable on Monday, Abiola had said the presidential panel set up to probe corruption allegations levelled against Magu had been unfair, considering the “military tactics” used during the sittings.

Responding to Abiola’s comment via an article, Obayuana said he expected better from her, considering her position as a professor of law.


Obayuana also questioned her claim as a widow of the late MKO Abiola, noting that it is “not supported by Wikipedia” on the details of the late chief’s wives.

But in the statement, Olatokunbo asked the public to disregard the remarks by Obayuana.

“The police are on Obayuana’s trail. We urge him to come out of hiding in the interest of justice. We are equally prepared to meet him in court,” the statement read.


Olatokunbo explained that the late MKO Abiola and Zainab got married under the 1837 matrimonial acts in England and Wales, and “as for educational qualifications, Abiola, a barrister and professor of international cooperation and conflict resolution, has several degrees, including law, political science diplomacy, anthropology and environmental negotiation.”

“She is the pioneer candidate of the presidency (PCP) for the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPPS), Kuru,” he said.

He noted that the group has no apologies to make to any group or persons who wish to trample upon the rights of innocent citizens like Magu “who is presently suffering for serving his fatherland”.

“As a vanguard of democracy, globally respected human rights lawyer, international arbitrator and conflict resolution expert, Abiola will continue to defend the defenceless and the oppressed, the very causes for which her husband died,” Olatokunbo added.



  1. Restructure Nigeria.
    Restructure Nigeria. September 20, 10:53

    This is great. Aluta continua. Ibrahim Magu is an INNOCENT man.
    . Thank you Professor Zainab Abiola.

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    AUGUSTINE AKINYEMI September 20, 19:55

    Only in Nigeria will a Chairman of an anti-corruption agency be shabbily treated after serving 5 years on the job, just because of the power game in the hierachy of government and the corruption therein. Setting up a ”working to the answer” investigative panel under a disgruntled retired justice has only helped to rubbish Nigeria’s international corruption standing. Someone in the APC needs to alert PMB of the danger he personally creates by his nepoistic style and choice of personnel into governance, which is bound to affect the party electoral chance in 2023. A word is enough for the wise.

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  3. Chris
    Chris September 21, 13:10

    The lame attempt to make a defence for Zainab Abiola has become counterproductive as it has ended up opening up her flanks and revealing her underbelly. One expected that she should indicated the schools she attended that awarded her the “degrees” she claim to have.
    secondly, claiming that she has a law degree, too among other degrees, cannot by itself qualify her to appear as a legal counsel for magu without stating that she has been called to the Nigerian Bar.
    Thirdly, she is not even a professor of law, assuming she is truly a Professor, by the professorial discipline indicated for her in the defence.
    Fourthly, her claim of having married MKO Abiola in rebuttal of the question raised on the genuineness of her marriage to MKO, is wild. She did not indicate any date the marriage was conducted.

    I wish to advise Zainab Abiola not to drag this matter further as any investigation on her may expose an attempt at impersonation.

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  4. Mohammed
    Mohammed September 21, 21:27

    The paid evil Ochanja Obayuana  is a well known criminal and internet fraudster (Yahoo yahoo boy) who was arrested for defrauding Ms. NKIRUKA Okeke of large sums of money he equally defrauded his second wife and series of innocent women.

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  5. unHolywahala
    unHolywahala September 21, 23:40

    Part of Ochanja Obayuana’s evil stock-in-trade is to cast aspersion on the character of prominent women in the society, a tactic he tried against Senator Remi Bola Tinubu.

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  6. UpNigeria
    UpNigeria September 21, 23:48

    So you never knew that MKO Abiola married a very intelligent woman?
    Mrs. Zainab Abiola and the AGF Abubakar Malami were classmates in Othman Dan Fodio university.

    Now, if that hurts you “Chris” go hug a transformer.

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