Holyfield: I want to teach Nigerian kids how I became a heavyweight champion

Evander Holyfield says he hopes to teach Nigerian youth how he became the first ever multiple champion of the boxing heavyweight class.

The four-time heavyweight champion, who has an impressive record of 57 fights with 44 wins, said his mission to Nigerian is to give back to society.

“I want kids to learn from me how I became four times heavyweight champion,” Holyfield said.

“This is about giving back to the society. In giving back to the society, I am here to say I got a Real Deal Promotion.”

Holyfield also noted that he will be on the lookout for Nigerian youths who are determined to get to the top in boxing.

The American said he started boxing at the age of 8 and became a champion at 9.

Holyfield said he felt like quitting the sport after suffering early defeats but his mother told him to hang on.

“I became the person I am because I listened, I followed direction and I did not quit even when I lost,” he said.

“We are looking for young fighters who want to listen and follow instruction.”

The 54-year-old world champion is billed to slug it out with Bola Tinubu, former Lagos governor, in an exhibition match at Eko Atlantic in commemoration of the state’s 50th anniversary.