An ‘honorable’ lie from a senator on recess

Current events happening in—both our polity and politics have revealed that those swimming in the pool of democracy are not likely going to deliver the Nigeria of our dreams. They do not have the naturalness, restraint, integrity and the mettle to deliver a great nation. It is not in them, so waiting for them to deliver a great nation will be a complete waste of time.

When one complains about the shenanigans of our politicians, they would say that our democracy is still a toddler that America was worse when she was like us. Each time I hear this, it further confirms to me that it is not in those who are leading us to deliver a great nation. Checking the history of America, when they were as old as us, their politicians were not collecting how much our own are collecting now, but when it comes to delivering greatness; they would say we are too young for it. And when you expect the whole nation to rise to demand for a true change as enshrined in our constitution, some bootlickers would say that one does not like the number one citizen of Nigeria.

Nigeria will outlive all of us, including PMB, so my loyalty is to Nigeria, not to any man, living or dead. The only time I support any man is during elections, but when elections are over, my loyalty shifts from man to the country. Now, my job is to consistently demand for the fulfillment of empty-promises made by those whose legs do not match their mouths. In Nigeria, when you ask clear questions on how politicians would bring to pass all their vain promises, some Nigerians—who eat crumbs from the table of “Aso Rock” would say that you hate some paid public servants.

When you look at the current crop of political leaders and the shared quality of our founding fathers, you would know that we are in a serious trouble as a people. They have only come to suck Nigeria dry while hating to serve her. And the toughest conundrum is when those who are supposed to be role models are living in a slapdash fashion.

Not long, a few men were empowered to enter the Senate, removing one of the major symbols of our country, dropping it under a bridge and till now, they are yet to be brought to book. It is impossible for a few ordinary men to have an access to the Senate without being aided, you know. It is a big shame, but those who are serving in the corridors of power do not care—as long as they keep smiling to the bank.

A few days ago, too, a siege was laid on the house of Senate President, Dr.Bukola Saraki—by some police men, but some hours after the lackluster-script was acted, the NPF denied what happened, saying that the NPF did not send anyone on such an errand, but till this moment, not one unsent policeman has been arrested. That too has been swept, not under the carpet, but into the river of two-facedness and disingenuousness.

As if that was not enough, after the Senate President escaped being impeached, he too went ahead to shutdown the national assembly till September! Even if he did shut it down till infinity, he knows that most Nigerians do not care a hoot—as long as they can feed once in a day. Also, he knows that they are going to be paid for doing absolutely nothing. If I may ask, what can they show for the billions they have been paid since this year climbed out of bed?

What our current politicians do not know is that they are already becoming history, instead of going down in history. It was in the midst of joblessness and “faaji-to-infinity” that a senator sat somewhere and cooked a very attention-grabbing story of how he ‘miraculously’ escaped being kidnapped by his own shadows. Nothing makes one sad than when one meets with imprudence where wisdom is supposed to be found.

A senator in recess (not a serving senator) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was on a tree for eleven (11) solid hours! What I do not know is if he was with a book before climbing that make-believe tree, because if he did not read anything for those eleven (11) hours, it would impact negatively on the quality of his thinking. It is only in a 3rd world as Nigeria that you can find a senator on an imaginary tree, when lawmakers in other countries of the world are seriously laboring to push the boundaries of their progress as a people. If senators in Rwanda are climbing non-existing trees, we wouldn’t be hearing about their current exploits. If it is too high for our brains to copy from 1st world countries, let us swallow our pride and travel to Rwanda with slates in our hands—learning how to build a nation that truly works.

Lastly, I will not say that a senator told a lie, because I do not want to be arrested, but the truth is, truth lives far away from his mouth!