‘How Emmanuel empowers Akwa Ibom youths’


Since the emergence of Udom Emmanuel as the Akwa Ibom State governor, he has put in place different infrastructures to help the indigenes of Akwa Ibom. He has also created wealth for his people and initiated various impactful programmes to empower the people. Among many of his achievements is the impact he made as regards education in Akwa Ibom State.

It is a common saying that the youth of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, it is important that these youth be equipped to maximise their full potential. One of the major ways to invest in the lives of youth is through education.

Governor Udom’s administration introduced free and compulsory basic education in public schools. This initiative enables the poor to send their children to school. He went ahead to identify seven community secondary schools that were not viable and converted them to model colleges. The governor then embarked on training and retraining of teachers in those schools to ensure qualitative education.

A three-day workshop on leadership and behavioural ethics was held in the three senatorial districts of Akwa Ibom for public schools. Counsellors and prefects of the schools present were taught organisational skills, good academic values and task coordination among other various vital skills. In addition, he renovated 208 school blocks in the 31 local governments on the state. He also went further to distribute free text books and other educational materials to students. He also initiated strategic interventions in tertiary institutions by constructing roads on campuses and purchasing major equipment.

The attention governor Udom Emmanuel places on the educational sector shows that he is education friendly. His improvement on the quality of education in both content and discipline has earned youths an enviable future and has also secured for the state an advantaged listing in Nigeria’s educational endeavour.

Confirming the impactful programmes of the governor, Bishop Cletus Bassey, president, Akwa Ibom Christian Assembly, said: “The emergence of Governor Udom Emmanuel into the political arena had changed the trend as he had held political position with the fear of God, leading to the peace and progress enjoyed in Akwa Ibom.”

Let the good works of Emmanuel continue.