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How ‘personnel in charge of CCTV slept off’ as bandits attacked NDA

How ‘personnel in charge of CCTV slept off’ as bandits attacked NDA
August 24
13:40 2021

Personnel monitoring closed-circuit television (CCTV) at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) were reportedly asleep when bandits attacked the premises on Tuesday.

TheCable had reported that two officers were killed in the attack, and one other officer abducted.

Sources who spoke with TheCable had said the bandits sneaked in through a part of the facility that had no fence.

Another source who spoke with TheCable said “it was in the middle of the night, and the personnel that were meant to be monitoring the CCTV had slept off.”


“They could have put everyone on alert, and avert the attack.”

TheCable learnt the academy authorities would court martial some soldiers for failing to secure the area.

Bashir Muhd Jajira, spokesperson of the academy, in a statement also explained how the security architecture was compromised at the institution.


“The security architecture of the Nigerian Defence Academy was compromised early this morning by unknown gunmen who gained access into the residential area within the Academy in Afaka. During the unfortunate incident, we lost two personnel and one was abducted,” he said.

“The Academy in collaboration with the 1Division Nigerian Army and Air Training Command as well as other security agencies in Kaduna state has since commenced pursuit of the unknown gunmen within the general area with a view to tracking them and rescue the abducted personnel.

“The NDA community and Cadets are safe in the Academy. We assure the general public that this unknown gunmen would soon be apprehended and the abducted personnel rescued.”



  1. Throne
    Throne August 24, 23:55

    If Nigerians are fail to tell the president of this country the truth I think this is high time to point a finger to the Mr President on how is messing up with the lives of the citizens his government is govern on, this is ridiculous to the hearing of the world atlarge, how can a bandit sneak into the Nigeria defense academy, kill two officers and abducted one again, and this statement is sweet in the mouth of the members of the armed forces . Secondly, how can a gadget guard monitoring the central circuit television be proudly saying it that he was asleep while on duty to an extent a bandit sneak into the force academy and kill officers and abducted another officer, why is it that our president is not ashamed of all this mess, he went for his daughter wedding and lavish our country money there while many Nigerians are dying of hunger and during that event bandit did not go to the occasion ground and abducted all the Nigeria leaders that grace the occasion, now it was defense academy where common men are struggling to become someone great in life is where bandit decided to go, Mr President we regretting voting for you as our president cuz this your so call government is full of evil and the way you’re handling this matter with levity hands shows that you’re just deceiving us in this country, you’re behind all this trauma but remember the wrath of God is on everyone of you killing our future leaders by trick

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  2. Bunmi Olusina
    Bunmi Olusina August 25, 08:38

    Personally, I would be ashamed to answer to the title of C-in-C of a country experiencing what Nigeria is going through at present. Somalia can be excused, the country is in war. Nigeria? Nations like Rwanda, Ghana and other small nations cannot allow a tiny fraction of what is going on in Nigeria.

    By now the enclaves of the bandits would not support even grass. Shame!

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  3. GM
    GM August 25, 09:06

    Bandit will take over Aso Rock on day, if Nigeria govt didn’t take necessary action.

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