‘I don’t need your validation’ — FFK hits critics of his tribute to Abba Kyari

‘I don’t need your validation’ — FFK hits critics of his tribute to Abba Kyari
April 23
21:53 2020

Femi Fani-Kayode, former minister of aviation, says those criticising his tribute to Abba Kyari, the late chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, can ignore his political contributions and commentaries.

The late chief of staff to the president died from COVID-19 complications on Friday.

In a tweet on Saturday, Fani-Kayode, who is famous for criticising the incumbent administration, described Kyari as a good man whom he had been friends with for 40 years.

He said Kyari was a loyal friend and a man of honour, adding that they both worked at his father’s law firm.

“I have lost a friend of 40 years. We were at Cambridge together. We worked in my fathers law firm together. We remained close throughout right up until the end even though we disagreed politically. Abba was a good man: a man of honor & a loyal friend. May his soul rest in peace,” the tweet read.

However, some Nigerians criticised the former minister whom they accused of double standard.

Reacting in a statement on Thursday, Fani-Kayode said his opposition stance against the Buhari administration does not take away his humane face.

The former minister said he has always stood as part of the resistance group against the incumbent government but added that such force should not deny him of mourning his friend of four decades.

He said those criticising his tribute are entitled to their opinions and are free to abstain from his contributions and commentaries.

“My opposition to the Buhari Government for the last five years has been as constant as the northern star and it remains as strong today as it ever was,” the statement read.

“I warned Nigerians what would happen if he came to power in 2015 and I was proved right. I warned them again in 2019 and again I was proved right.

“I have also suffered more, lost more, been humiliated more, been persecuted more, been incarcerated more and been insulted more than most people in the country due to my unrelenting opposition to them.

“That does not however mean that I have lost my humanity. That does not mean that I will relish in anyone’s death. That does not mean that I will dance on the grave of others because death comes to us all and doing so diminishes us as human beings and makes us little better than beasts.

“Meanwhile those that doubt my commitment to the struggle and to the resistance simply because of my tribute to an old friend of 40 years who passed on are entitled to their opinion and are free to stop reading my contributions and commentaries.

“The last thing I need is validation from any man. Why would I crave for that when I have the love of God?

“Regardless of their disposition towards me I will continue to hold on to my views and express them. I owe myself, my God and my nation that much if nothing else. I wish you well.”


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  1. Egbo
    Egbo April 24, 10:13

    Good words from a person with common sense.RIP Abbah kiyari.

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  2. Ofusilima
    Ofusilima May 05, 07:10

    Any friendship worth it’s money should outlived difference of opinion. . Friendship cannot end because friends are in different political parties. Femi Fani Kayode has shown that he is a civilized person and a friend worth having.

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