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I was arrested for granting bail to Dasuki, Kanu, says Justice Ademola

I was arrested for granting bail to Dasuki, Kanu, says Justice Ademola
October 15
11:51 2016

Adeniyi Ademola, a judge of the federal high court Abuja, says he was arrested by the Department of State Services (DSS) because he granted Sambo Dasuki bail and freed Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) leader.

Last weekend, some judges’ homes were raided by the DSS on allegations of corruption.

But in a letter dated October 11, addressed to Mahmoud Mohammed, chief justice of Nigeria (CJN), Ademola said he was held for over 24 hours before he was told the reason why he was brought to the DSS office.

“…Upon signing the document, they told me that I am under arrest and ordered me with guns still pointed at me to move outside. As I was going, they told me they were taking me to their office, Department of State Services (DSS) office, without showing any warrant of arrest,” the letter read.


“I obeyed them and about six o’clock in the morning, I was whisked away from my residence to the DSS office without any warrant of arrest or reason for my arrest.

“From the time of my arrival at the DSS office, at about 6:45am on 8/10/2016, I was not told what my crime was for over 24 hours till the evening of 9/10/2016.

“A DSS officially finally informed me that the search of my arrest were based on these three allegations; petition of Hon. Jenkins Duvie dated 4th of April 2016 to the National Judicial Council (NJC); granting bail to Col. Sambo Dasuki and the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu; and using my office to secure my wife’s appointment as the head of civil service state through Senator Bola Tinubu.”


Ademola said he saw his arrest as revenge from Abubakar Malami, attorney-general of the federation (AGF), whose arrest and detention he ordered over a professional misconduct while he was judge in Kano between 2004 and 2008.

“What is more intriguing in this whole episode, is that I see it as a vendetta/revenge from the Hon. attorney general of the federation, Abubakar Malami, whilst I was in Kano between 2004 and 2007 as a federal high court judge was involved in a professional misconduct necessitating his arrest and detention by my order,” he said.

“However, with the intervention of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Kano branch the allegation of misconduct was later withdrawn by me.”



  1. Labaran
    Labaran October 15, 14:12

    This is very sad. Why are they using Buhari administration for proxy wars and vendetta. This is sad

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  2. Skin
    Skin October 15, 16:04

    Mr judge don’t play on our collective intelligence the whole world knows all Nigerian institutions are corruption. You are only looking for excuses to exonerate yourself, the Dsss or whatever you guys call it have evidence against you and in due course we shall see who’s telling the truth.

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    • Bee
      Bee October 16, 08:36

      Honestly speaking, I wonder what gave anybody the guts to assume himself clean and shout corruption to others in the media. Are you clean of corruption?
      As it stays now, what Justice Ademola has stated above are undoubtedly known and accredited facts. The corruption and evidence you are shouting of remains a mere allegation, which could be True, false, or fabricated.
      Even if the Judiciary is so corrupt as you are claiming, the illiterate DSS and the self-acclaimed Noble Judge of the federation, the only world leader that was attested man of honor and integrity by Obama, Ban Ki Moon etc. according to Lai Mohammed, the Man who is so upright that his wife belongs to the Kitchen, living room and the other room, Buhari ,can never be a replacement. You are simply establishing Anarchy Mr. Malami, Daura, DSS and Buhari. Better be reminded, you are not immune to the effects of the Anarchy you are establishing. Thanks.

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  3. BiafraDaily
    BiafraDaily October 15, 18:56

    Let them continue as only time will tell,the war they’re looking for will hit them hard when it gets started. DSS had for long submitted the service to maltreat,,witch hunt and ough handles innocent citizens. Their boss Buhari is not even calling his boys to order. I perceive danger ahead of time.
    We’re Biafrans and can never be Nigerians no matter the circumstances. Big up to Justice Ademola and Dimgba for standing fame and unshakable before the agents of Lucifer cause at the end we’ll win and Biafra must be restored. Buhari has no choice cause the clock hand is fast ticking.

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    • NigeriaDailu
      NigeriaDailu October 16, 12:49

      The only peace you have is the Unity of the Nation coz even the people of your region are stupid and selfish and we all know that its hatred between all of you in the region and even you Igbos and the Yurobas we hate each other, you dislike each other u can kill each other so to be honest forget that if you dont want to become like South Sudan.

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    • AssKicker
      AssKicker October 17, 10:43

      You’re Biafrans, OK. You hate everything Nigerian and want your independent Biafra because everything there is so beautiful. Fine.

      But then why are you Biafrans the only people living and earning fantastic living in other people’s territories all over Nigeria? Yet it is almost impossible for non-Igbo to get land in Igboland.

      Enough of your silly charade demanding for Biafra. Some of us are really sick and tired of it. Just pack your stuff and go back to Biafra, and see whether anyone will miss your ungrateful and selfish lot, and ask you to leave your Biafra for our far richer and more hospitable lands. That’s the way to get your Biafra, alright?

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  4. Teleski
    Teleski October 16, 10:17


    Animals in fine clothes
    They crave for freedom
    They chant we are our own people with rights to rule ourselves
    Freedom is given and the people denied
    I woke up one day to see madness in democracy
    Animals wearing fine clothes boasting in their acquired degrees

    Ghana must go bags passing from hands to hands
    Old men jumping fences just for shared money called allocations
    Resources not accounted for
    They wear fine expensive clothes yet not different from creatures of the field.
    All they could display are our children sitting on bare floor to study
    Schools with no structures
    People living in darkness
    No electricity, no water, no hope
    Yet someone’s account blows up

    They disguise themselves as women just to launder more money
    They distract the world by throwing bombs to hide their wicked act
    Like animals leadership has become family business

    Governance has become an animal field with looting of resources as grass
    They eat with no caution or considerations
    Their chambers has become a market place where everyone wants to buy leadership
    They shut their ears from the voice of the people
    As animals they are bought by money
    I call them animals in fine clothes.

    Omoteleola Vera-Cruz

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  5. Otega esq
    Otega esq October 16, 12:20

    It unfortunate that some elements in Buhari’s government are using government instrumentalities to witchhurt their perceived emenies and thereby deviating of the task of affording Nigerians good governance just like it was during Buhari’s regime as military head of state.

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  6. wailer
    wailer October 17, 08:01

    They are only waahing their dirty linen outside.

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