Ibukun Awosika: Nigerian graduates getting trained in what they don’t need

Ibukun Awosika, chairman of the First Bank, says young people in Nigeria are receiving education in the areas they do not need.

Speaking on Monday at the 25th edition of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), Awosika said there is a need to declare a state of emergency in Nigeria’s education sector.

Awosika said she recently asked a room full of university students why they chose their course of study and the response she got was that they were studying the courses they were given.

“We need an emergency in the education sector. We can achieve what we want to when we identify where we want to go. We must redefine the education we are delivering to our children,” she said.


“We send children to school to study anything. They are not studying what they want. Nigerian graduates are wrongly trained in what they do not need.”

The First Bank chairman advised that there is a need to re-train graduates to channel human resources in the sectors that they are needed the most.

According to Awosika, Nigeria needs to identify where it wants to be to compete with top economies across the world.

  1. Well Spoken Ibukun. The Nigerian Educational system needs overhauling. We pay little or no attention to human capital. The greatest resource on earth is the human mind not natural resources

  2. Graduating from the university is just a phase in the job world. Any graduate who wants to be employable must undergo training in other field

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