ICYMI: NiMet predicts prolonged heatwave across Nigeria

NiMet building NiMet building

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has predicted a prolonged heatwave across the country in the coming days.

In its weather outlook released on Wednesday, NiMet said the air temperature in the north is at 41°C and 39°C over the south, indicating a significant increase in heatwave.

The agency warned that the high level of heat can cause dehydration, heat-related illness and respiratory issues, among other chronic conditions.

The forecast shows that residents of Ikeja, Lagos state, Warri and Asaba in Delta, among other states are likely to experience sunstroke, muscle cramps and heat exhaustion.


The agency advised the public to take adequate fluid to keep hydrated, wear light clothing to reduce exposure to high temperatures and avoid strenuous activities during peak heat times.

“Air temperatures hit 41°C over the north and 39°C over the south with model projections indicating temperatures to remain high in the coming days,” the forecast reads.

“Implication- dehydration, this could also cause fainting, chicken pox disease, measles, heat rash, weakness of the body, slight fever, and dry lips; heat-related Illnesses; respiratory issues; and increased vulnerability to chronic conditions.


“Advisories- adequate fluid intake, seek shade, use fans, and wear light, breathable clothing to reduce exposure to high temperatures. Avoid strenuous physical activity during peak heat hours (stay indoors as much as possible between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm evening time).”


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