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If Amotekun is illegitimate, what precisely is legitimate in Nigeria?

If Amotekun is illegitimate, what precisely is legitimate in Nigeria?
January 21
06:41 2020

How can anyone call himself my political-leader when he keeps quiet when he should speak for me? Late chief Obafemi Awolowo wouldn’t have kept quiet if he were alive at this moment. Nothing shuts the mouths of political-leaders more than when self takes the place of vision—that is clear. It is discreditable that many South-West people still see some selfish-people as their political-leaders, because of a few crumbs that daily fall from their table.


When people, who are supposed to talk, keep quiet, because of 2023, just know that they are not coming to build the country; they are only coming to over-promise and under-deliver like those before them. If everyone in the South-West of Nigeria have been either killed or kidnapped before 2023, I wonder those they are coming to power to lead. On the condition that they are still as water now when they are not in power, they will neither speak nor fight for you when they get to power!

It is reprehensible that we do not currently know yet where we are going as a nation, but it is heartrending that some selfish people have started making noise on 2023, as if the only civic responsibility that our people have is to cast votes—every four year—for those who hate them. I am sick and tired of voting for those who do not know the true purpose of power!

The definition of one Nigeria of Northerner-leaders is quite different from the way others define theirs. Northerner-leaders believe in one Nigeria, but their people come first! This is why I prefer Northern leaders to Yoruba leaders. Yoruba leaders care less about their own people. Their definition of one Nigeria sacrifices their own people.


Apart from having hotels and casinos, what does the South-West of Nigeria have in terms of security? God forbid, but if a war should break-out in Nigeria today, the Yoruba Nation will suffer the most in Nigeria. We are only being led by men and women who day after day wear “agbada and sokoto, and iro and buba”—but are so myopic and self-centered. On the condition that a war should break-out in Nigeria today, those you call Yoruba-leaders will be the first to jump on the next available flight. They do not care a hoot whether you live or die!

For now, the Yoruba Nation does not have gracious men and women yet. We are only having transactional-people in the corridors of power. They stroll in and out of Aso Rock for selfish-reasons, not because of the common man. And the common-man too is so dippy and nutty to know that they do not care a hoot for him. The Yoruba Nation is in a dire need of true leaders like late Awolowo. There is no point dressing like Awolowo, if we are not as visionary and selfless as he was!

Back to the dust that the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) did raise, when he condemned “Amotekun” to the hottest part of hell, saying that it is not constitutional. When Abubakar Malami (SAN) came out, saying that the initiative is illegal and those who should know better did say that he was speaking for himself. The truth is; Malami did not speak for himself. He was actually speaking for President Buhari!


I expected the government of baba to applaud the South-West governors—who came together to birth “Amotekun,” because they are actually helping us to do what we cannot do as a nation. If we could protect our people, “Amotekun” wouldn’t have been necessary. “Amotekun” surely a child of necessity and it has come to stay. We believe in one Nigeria, but Yoruba people come first and they strongly deserve to be protected!

Our people can no longer move freely from one part of the country to another without being afraid. Whenever our people travel from Lagos to Ilesha, they factually and plainly do kiss and hug fear till they get to their varied destinations. It has become that bad! If “Amotekun” is going to bring about the true safety of our people, I strongly throw my weight behind it.

Last week Thursday, Malami said “Amotekun” is illegal. Whoever succeeds in banning “Amotekun” must also go ahead and proscribe the usage of generators. Is it in our constitution to be using generators as a people to be powering our homes and offices? The government of Buhari must also go ahead, proscribing security guards—protecting our homes and offices in Nigeria. Also, the government of Buhari must proscribe bore-holes, since it is not in our constitution. The joke is on all of us.

When you drive round Nigeria, you would know that we have completely failed as a nation. A nation is said to have failed when she can no longer protect her people. Have you seen how tall our fences are in Nigeria? Most of our fences are taller than our buildings. Why do we do this? Insecurity! Mr. Malami, once “Amotekun” is proscribed, go ahead and proscribe also the building of—tall fences like the “tower of Babel.”



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